May 28, 2017

5 Tips for Organizing a Small Home Office
At present it is increasingly common to find people who are lucky enough to work at home, as there are others who work outside but take part of their work to their homes. Organizing a home office can be a problem if we do not have enough space. Fortunately we find endless solutions that can make life a little easier. Here are 5 tips for organizing a small home office.

5 Tips for Organizing a Small Home Office 1

May 19, 2017

Office Furniture Made With Wooden Pallets
The decor with pallets we love. The truth is that this is not the first time we talk about the subject, but this time we want to look at the possibilities that open these elements when it comes to decorating offices. And is that the use of pallets can create original and functional offices. We can, for example, create a large meeting table in which to receive important customers. You will undoubtedly be impressed by the simplicity and elegance of this element. We just have to treat the pallets correctly, sanding them and placing a custom glass on the top.

Office Furniture Made With Wooden Pallets 1

May 18, 2017

Decorate an Professional Office With Little Money
When it comes to setting up and decorating a work office, we must consider one thing, whether it is rent or if the office is our property. If the office is ours, we can without any problem make a stronger investment, without having to ask anyone if we can throw that wall or if we can do a distribution of two or three rooms. However, when starting a business it may be much better to rent an office. At this point, the investment we make in decorating it, may have to be less. So, if our new adventure finally does not come to fruition, we will not have made too much expense.

Decorate an Professional Office With Little Money 1

May 16, 2017

Tips For Keeping Order In The Studio
Tips For Keeping Order In The Studio, Keeping Clean And Organized!

The decoration and the order are completely compatible. Moreover, there are certain areas of our home that must have an absolute order, because it depends on its functionality. Study is one of those corners of our home that we should strive to keep it completely tidy. Fortunately there are endless ideas that can be of great help.

Tips For Keeping Order In The Studio, Keeping Clean And Organized 1

May 10, 2017

Beautiful Female Offices
Everyone who works or study at home knows the importance of having a space dedicated to these tasks. Having a home office, whether it be a small corner with a table and a chair, facilitates concentration and allows you to maintain a proper pace and schedule of work. Preparing a special place to study, read, work and even surf the web with a delicate and romantic touch is ideal, if this is your favorite decorative style. Check out these tips to decorate beautiful women's offices and get inspired.

September 22, 2016

A Loft Style Studio
Attic areas are equipped with a special charm. Those sloped roofs make that environment more welcoming than in other areas of the House, see but how to use them? The truth is that on many occasions we find problems when it comes to placing furniture in them. Today we show you how to turn your attic into a nice Studio. Pay attention to aspects such as the gap and take advantage of the smallest nooks and crannies with a bit of ingenuity. Get a different office for those who have to work at home.

A Loft Style Studio 1