June 21, 2017

Rooms In Pastel Colors - Very Satisfying Eyes Decoration
Decorating your living room with pastel shades can be a great success. To begin with, we must emphasize that these are tonalities that will help us to visually expand the rooms, at the same time that we bring warmth to the house. Thus, pastel shades are ideal for salons that are a little smaller in size, thus avoiding saturating too many bright and powerful colors that make the walls smaller and narrow.

Rooms In Pastel Colors - Very Satisfying Eyes Decoration

June 18, 2017

June 14, 2017

Side Tables For Small Rooms
The small rooms give enough problems in decorating them; And is that we must look for decorative solutions that provide us with functionality at the same time as a pleasant design with which we feel comfortable. Tables are usually a problem. How to place a side table without giving up space? Luckily we found some interesting solutions that will help you.

Side Tables For Small Rooms 1

June 13, 2017

Decorating with orange like fruits and you will be happy with the ideas
The orange, the warmest, bright and cozy tone of the chromatic circle. When it comes to putting your house up to date, and above all, you start throwing yourself into the street to buy furniture, you should calmly analyze everything you have and that you can recycle. If you want to turn your living room into a sophisticated, modern and inviting space, encourage your room to be reopened; Uses the most intense shades of the wide range of oranges, which are the most successful in today's decor and uses a more yellowish tone to dress the walls. Lightens and delimits the environment with some accessories in white or beige, like a fluffy rug or carpet look very good.

June 12, 2017

June 10, 2017

Beautiful vertical gardens
Vertical gardens give a truly special touch to any room. It is a very inspiring solution that we can adapt to almost any sector of our house. The variety of these types of gardens is huge. We can, for example, take small pots and arrange them by the wall with some support, for example glass jars that adhere to a hard and firm surface, like wooden slats. It is a most original way to have our small and private garden.

Beautiful vertical gardens 1

We can also find pots that are the same to be placed on the same wall. We will create a colorful tapestry.

Beautiful vertical gardens 2

Beautiful vertical gardens 3

Also, if we want, we can use pots of different sizes but the same color, seeking cohesion through the same color.

Beautiful vertical gardens 4

Beautiful vertical gardens 5

While it is true that these small vertical gardens are ideal, we can not deny that a large vertical garden on a wall, for example, in the dining room can be a great solution, creating a green space in the middle of our living room.

Beautiful vertical gardens 6

However, it is not the only room in which we can place these vertical gardens. A kitchen can also look really good with one of these green panels placed on one of its walls; We have already spoken in several articles about the use of plants in the kitchen.

Beautiful vertical gardens 7

Bathrooms can also be ideal. In this case, we found an option that we loved. It is about getting part of a trunk and tapping its holes to place the plants.

Beautiful vertical gardens 8

This option can also be moved to the dining room, creating a unique and different from all other space.

Beautiful vertical gardens 9

In addition, in the kitchen we can also take advantage of a slate surface to place our plants. We will have garden and notebook for the price of one.

Beautiful vertical gardens 10

Beautiful vertical gardens 11

Finally, let us remember that these types of solutions may be ideal for the exterior. If you have a large yard it is a source of full inspiration, but in small gardens we can also create a comfortable and welcoming space.