June 20, 2017

June 17, 2017

Autumn Interior Decorating Ideas
With the arrival of fall there are many things that change. They change the colors of the landscape, change our clothes, may even our mood, but also, also changes our home; And is that as the days go by, the summery and flashy colors do not seem to fit well with this time of year. The fall decoration for the home goes through something as simple as changing the textile; And is that if we choose neutral colors in our furniture and walls, when autumn arrives we will only have to invest a little in winter home linen, curtains and other textiles suitable to these colors more consistent with time, without the need for reforms , New furniture or paint for our walls. Among the many online stores that we can find we love the proposals of Bazartextil.com, for the great variety, quality and prices they offer.

Autumn Interior Decorating Ideas

Bedrooms with large windows design ideas
Although many prefer privacy and low light in their bedrooms, the truth is that having large windows in our rooms is really advantageous. We can say that these large and wide windows will allow more light to pass, so you can enjoy more spacious spaces; And is that, as we always say, natural light makes our eyes perceive the largest spaces. A kind of trompe l'oeil that will improve with the number of windows and their size.

Bedrooms with large windows design ideas

June 12, 2017

Ideas for decorating boys rooms
Some time ago we published an article where we gave ideas for decorating girls' bedrooms. Following this many readers also sent us messages asking nurseries ideas or childrens room. The rooms for men can be really fun if we work on their decoration. Just put a little imagination and start creating. It occurs to us that more than one child wants to sleep in a small tree. While it is true that we can not put a tree in your room, if we can build a bed recreating these spaces so longed for children. A real luxury that your son will appreciate.

Ideas for decorating boys rooms 1

June 11, 2017

Ideas for Small Master Bedrooms
If there is something that our readers ask us daily is ideas and more ideas for decorating small spaces. If so it is that most suffer from lack of space, and that, nowadays, it is normal, because as we say, homes are becoming smaller, especially in big cities, which ends up being logical, of otherwise we would enter not many people living in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, to name a few.

Ideas for Small Master Bedrooms 1

June 10, 2017

7 childrens rooms with lots of color
Color in children's rooms is a must; Because it is good to stir the imagination of children and to bring joy to their bedrooms. For this reason we will share 7 children's rooms full of color that will probably inspire you. In the first, in addition to toys thousand colors, we can see how we have used the color variety of furniture. This is not to follow a thread that matches between shelves and tables. No matter if you combine, the truth is that what is sought in these solutions is discordance and variety, getting a much more playful atmosphere.

7 childrens rooms with lots of color 1