May 21, 2017

May 20, 2017

6 Tips For Decorating Small Bedrooms
Small bedrooms can be charming and cozy. We did not need big spaces to get a comfortable and nice room. However, the fact is that small bedrooms need some guidelines to take advantage of space, because when we limit ourselves to some dimensions, we must try to save space and opt for colors that will not make the room worse.

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May 18, 2017

Beds Made With Wooden Pallets
Pallets, that material so versatile that we can make all kinds of furniture and decorative elements. This time we want to talk about the beds made with pallets. Many may think that it may not be suitable for this purpose, but the truth is that if we stop to think, the beds are structures with tables. No doubt the pallets too. So, it can be an ideal place to place our mattress. A rigid and firm surface that will make our bed also has a decorative plus.

Beds Made With Wooden Pallets 1

Fill Your Rooms With Best Color Combination
We love colorful stays, even more so when we enter a time of year with as many tones and nuances as spring (we are obviously talking about those in the northern hemisphere). Decorating with color is an art; And is that there are several techniques that we can use to create rooms and rooms that are vibrant and colorful.

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May 17, 2017

Children's Bedroom Furniture Sets
There are certain ways that in a children's room will be a success assured. Thus, animal-shaped cushions or car-shaped beds can be some of the most used resources in keeping our children happy.

Children's Bedroom Furniture Sets 1

Today we focus on the houses, or what is the same, on furniture that look like houses or are directly inspired on them. They are ideal for rooms for girls; And is that most of the little girls like to play and fantasize about this type of elements.

Creativity - a Modern Apartment in Los Angeles
I present a huge blow of heart! A modern and chic apartment, located in Los Angeles. The 10 F residence, designated by Kyle Spivey Designs captures our attention with its creative design. The project designers are considering a room full of atmosphere, it is as they try to capture the modern atmosphere and colorful diversity of Los Angeles. The essence of this elegant house is its spacious dining room, personalized by a rich palette of colors and a strong contrast. The white and black walls set the tone for a chic, modern and alive place. The round chandelier in gray adds a touch of playfulness, while the wooden floor brings warmth. Natural light during the day enriches the feeling of interior space, thanks to the windows which are generously sized.

Creativity - a Modern Apartment in Los Angeles 1