June 15, 2017

Great And Creative Ideas For Decorating With Old Suitcases
The decoration with suitcases is trend. In many prestigious publications decorating we see every day how these elements are integrated into any environment, creating rooms with character and personality. The suitcases are actually quite versatile when it comes to integrating them into the decor. We can, for example, use these suitcases as side tables. So, as we can see in the picture, an excellent idea is to stack several of them creating an ideal space that can serve to bedside.

Great And Creative Ideas For Decorating With Old Suitcases

June 14, 2017

DIY Be Creative Many Things You Can Do With Wooden Boxes
It is not the first time we talk about the possibilities offered by wooden boxes for decorating, those typical fruit boxes of a lifetime. This time we will share 10 ideas of things you can do with wooden boxes. With a little imagination and desire we can get fabulous DIY furniture (made by oneself) that besides fulfilling its function inside the house could become a reason of pride for its creators.

DIY Be Creative Many Things You Can Do With Wooden Boxes 1

June 11, 2017

Decoration with wooden boxes
We love the low cost decoration, and we could say that the 3 objects most used in everything that is decorated with recycled objects, are wooden pallets, cable reels, and wooden boxes. This time we will talk once more about the decoration with wooden boxes, a resource that never seems to run out. It must be said that originally they were the typical boxes of reused fruit, but in time it happened as with pallets or wooden pallets, and many saw the opportunity to make and sell them. Nowadays, it is not necessary to travel around the city in search of wooden drawers thrown in the streets. Now we have the possibility of buying wooden boxes in countless shops, and the truth is that they are usually cheap.

Decoration with wooden boxes 1

June 9, 2017

More ideas for decorating with ladders
Today we want to share more ideas to decorate with ladders; and they are very versatile items that can be adapted to almost any decor and in almost every room, and we love it! We can, for example, choose to hang a large rustic style staircase above our table, and take advantage of this surface as a base to hang candles filled lanterns, we will create a table lamp much more original than most of what we see in the Decoration shops. A unique and charming piece.

More ideas for decorating with ladders 1

June 6, 2017

Concrete blocks for exterior decorating
Although there are a lot of options for decorating gardens, we love sharing low cost ideas, as we know it is one of the most sought after themes in LastHomeDecor: ideas for decorating with little money. These DIY proposals also make the exteriors look much more personal and different. This time we will show you the wonders you can do with cement blocks to decorate exteriors.
Concrete blocks for exterior decorating | lasthomedecor.com 1

10 gadgets for decoration you'll want to have at home
A gadget is a device that has a specific purpose, being practical and functional and having a completely novel design, more ingenious than that of the current technology. Attending to this, there are gadgets for everything, and also for the home. Devices that make life easier and provide design and fun to your home. We found these 10 gadgets for decoration and we found it interesting to share them with you. And if you are looking for gifts to give away that is normal, here you will find inspiration.

10 gadgets for decoration you'll want to have at home | lasthomedecor.com 1