Star Wars Bedroom Decorations Inspiration For Childrens


Today we bring a good selection of photographs with Star Wars decoration. And we do not get tired of this theme, just as we do not get tired of all the followers of this saga. This decoration is already a classic that challenges the fashions and the passage of time. An ideal choice for children and youth rooms. And even if you look tender little, also for baby rooms. Today we share thematic spaces of Star Wars to give you much inspiration.

Star Wars Decoration Inspiration

Star Wars Bedroom Decorations Inspiration For Childrens

Modern and original, this children's room will grow with the child as both the colors and the prints are perfect for children and also for young people.

Star Wars Bedroom Decorations Inspiration For Childrens 2

Also for girls! Why not? It may be that this issue does not attract our girls at all, but our teens do. A youth bedroom for girls decorated with Star Wars can look this nice. The key is on the wall mural, which adds the thematic touch without saturation.

Star Wars Bedroom Decorations Inspiration For Childrens 3

And we continue with the choice of murals as you can get through them a great space. Perfect for bedrooms, study rooms, and in general for any stay of the home.

Star Wars Bedroom Decorations Inspiration For Childrens 4

Star Wars Bedroom Decorations Inspiration For Childrens 5

We like to check, through the work of designers and parents, that the thematic decoration is not at odds with the contemporary style. You can have your Star Wars room and at the same time it brings together elements of trend of the season.

Star Wars Bedroom Decorations Inspiration For Childrens 6

Star Wars Bedroom Decorations Inspiration For Childrens 7

Textiles can be a great support and even become the star element of your Star Wars bedroom.

Star Wars Bedroom Decorations Inspiration For Childrens 8

Even for babies bedroom, this decoration fascinates all ages. Of course, at this age, the chosen ones are the parents. And although the little one will not be aware of the decoration of his room until he is older, we are sure that in this room will grow a future fan of Star Wars.


Looking for ideas for a Star Wars youth room? The famed Star Wars saga continues to bring much inspiration when it comes to decorating rooms for children and young people. The theme is perfect for setting up a Teenage Star Wars fan's room. Also, in general, for the bedrooms of all young lovers of space science fiction films. Here is a very original space. With elegant and discreet thematic decoration. Just what you need to be inspired by your new project.

Youth Room Star Wars

In this youthful room, there are many interesting details that you can not ignore and that we will unveil you next.

Youth Room Star Wars

In the first place we will talk about colors. I love this combination of colors, navy blue, white and gray. They seem ideal for a youth room and provide a very elegant style. The main wall painted in navy blue is the focal point of this bedroom. The fabric head decorated with studs is timeless, a piece that can be used at any age and will integrate seamlessly into any decorative style. The framed sheets, personalized vinyl with the child's name, textiles and decorative objects, bring the theme note to the room.

Youth Room Star Wars 2

And not to overload the environment, nor to subtract lighting, the rest of the bedroom has all white walls and ceilings. It is a way to counteract the darkness of the dark blue.

Youth Room Star Wars 3

We can not overlook this collection of ingeniously exposed laser spades. An element that can not be missing in the bedrooms of every geek of Star Wars that is worth.

Youth Room Star Wars 4

And finally I'll tell you about my favorite piece: the dresser. This great project, made from a basic Ikea dresser, is made with adhesive paper and paint. I love the effect and even more so if the idea fits. I can imagine the thousands of possibilities that this technique offers us when it comes to decorating themed rooms.


If your kids are hardcore Star Wars fans, you'll love today's post, 6 kids' rooms from Stars Wars so you can get ideas, inspiring pictures and original details that you can play in your home.

Childrens Room Star Wars

Decorating a children's room in Star Wars is not an easy task but there are a lot of decorative accessories that will help us create this theme, such as this bedding set with images of the protagonists of the saga.

Childrens Room Star Wars 2

Wallpapers are a resource that will be very useful, you do not need to be strictly Star Wars, you can use a space design, stars, planets, etc.

Childrens Room Star Wars 3

If you have possibility hire the realization of an artistic mural, the result is amazing.

Childrens Room Star Wars 4
You can also encourage yourself with some home project like this headboard made of wood.

Childrens Room Star Wars 5

Fabulous mural of this bedroom and also very original small shelves on the bed with masks of famous Star Wars characters.

Childrens Room Star Wars 6


Get inspired in this children's bedroom decorated with Star Wars , an ideal theme for small fans of the saga and soon will receive more protagonism and more fans, as they are about to release what will be the seventh installment in cinemas in December.

Star Wars Bedroom Inspirations

A bed headboard made up of a mural, Ikea magnetic panels and led lights.

Star Wars Bedroom Inspirations 2

Detail of another bedroom wall with another artistic mural referring to the saga.

Star Wars Bedroom Inspirations 3

Juguetetero decorated with black paint and silhouette of R2-D2.

Star Wars Bedroom Inspirations 4

So what do you think about the star wars bedroom decoration ideas? LastHomeDecor always try to get the best for all of our readers around the world. And with this one I hope you would love to share with your friends on social media networks if you think these ideas great.

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