The Best Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Small apartments force us to sharpen the wits. And is that those who live in a small apartment know very well what are the problems of space in the apartment. That yes, you should know that, fortunately, living in a small apartment will not be a problem when it comes to interior decoration. The idea of ​​this article is to share some ideas to take advantage of spaces in a small apartment.

The Best Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Despite what many believe, decorating small spaces can become an advantage. To begin with, on a small floor, inevitably, we will need less furniture. This can be bad news for those who need to move to a smaller house. But for the first home of a young single or couple without children is a great advantage. Why? Simply because they will not need to buy many types of furniture. That is, as we adjust and the family grows, problems of space will begin to surface.

Use Double Height to Gain Storage Space

This is an excellent resource for solving space problems in small apartments. It is a matter of creating, in a way, a double height bedroom to take advantage, that way, the space that is below. For example, as we see in the following image, raise the bed with a platform, it does not have to be very high and take advantage of the space under that platform to place drawer units where to keep sheets, blankets, blankets. This will be great for small apartment interior design ideas.

The Best Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas 2

Surely for this, we will be forced to find a specialist to help us, as it is a reform. But as we can see in this image, the result is very interesting and surely worth the sacrifice. Besides functional, it is quite decorative. Ideal for studio apartments.

The Best Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas 3

In addition, we could use this type of unevenness to divide spaces. For example the higher bedroom and study area, and the living area a little lower. We really loved the idea.

Bars in Small Kitchens

If it is a small apartment surely the kitchen should be small as well. No matter, there is always something to do in terms of decoration and functionality. How about putting a small bar in the kitchen by the window? As you can see in the picture we do not talk about important kitchen bars, with a well sanded and treated table will suffice.

The Best Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas 4

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What better way to start the day than having breakfast watching the street or, at best, a landscape? Definitely the best original ideas.

Split Spaces Into Small Apartments

If it is a very small floor, such as a studio apartment, do not worry. Probably you want to delimit the spaces, so in this way, despite being all in the same environment, have a sleeping area, another dining room and living room. Raising walls, even if it is dry construction, may not be a good idea. It happens that if we have few square meters, this would result in more environments but too small. A best idea would be to build small walls that can visually separate the environments but without closing them. A cool interior design idea, do not you think? It is not necessary that these walls or walls are of material. Today you can use the kitchen bars. And is that in this way we do not end with the free circulation of light, we simply cut the bottom, creating several rooms.

The Best Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas 5

Closed Balconies

So you have the luck to have a small balcony you could consider if you really like to be outdoors or if you prefer to close it and, thus, expand the house. There are many solutions for balconies today. Aluminum carpentry is highly recommended, the cost benefit ratio of aluminum openings usually ends up gaining the bet on other materials.

The Best Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas 6

Once you have that extra space you could use it with a small table and a couple of chairs, for example. But also, do not give up the shelves, try to make them with planks.

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