10 Functional And Decorative Kitchen Hoods

The kitchen hoods are elements that are always attached to the stove and, therefore, are essential in any modern kitchen. The hood is one more appliance to include when designing a kitchen. Although it is not properly a cooking element, we do use it during this process, because it serves to capture and evacuate the fumes, vapors, fats, and odors caused by the cooking of food, thus keeping the air clean throughout the house.

The current kitchen bells are increasingly powerful and quiet. The technological advances applied to the design and manufacture of electrical appliances has not left aside such important appliances as the kitchen hoods; indeed, it has put in value these appliances introducing great technical and aesthetic improvements in them. Years ago the extractor was an element that disrupted the design of the kitchen because it broke the aesthetic line of kitchen furniture, but we could not do without its functionality. From a time to this part, with the arrival of the decorative bells, it has become an element capable of assuming the protagonist role, aesthetically speaking, of the kitchen. This is the case when we opt for a design hood next to which the rest of the furniture is arranged, Putting it in value. We give you some technical and aesthetic tips to get the most out of your kitchen hood.

Play With The Kitchen Design

Kitchen Decorative Hoods Design Ideas

To choose the cooker hood we have to take into account various issues such as the square meters you have, the type of ventilation or the use we make of it. Of course, you also have to take in mind the design of the kitchen to follow the same aesthetic line.

The kitchen that we show in the image integrates the hood as one more element of its furniture, obtaining a very balanced composition. The hood is placed in a central position, reinforcing the simple lines of design that mark the kitchen and playing with the colors of the furniture that integrate it.

Features of The Hood

Kitchen Decorative Hoods Design Ideas 2

Once we have determined the type of hood, it will be necessary to assess the suction power required depending on the square meters of the kitchen and the length of the extraction tubes, which will determine their performance. With the installation already done and the technical data well studied, we would enter into the design part of the hood as well as its materials, colors, and finishes.

Extractor Hoods

Kitchen Decorative Hoods Design Ideas 3

Cooker hoods can be of two types, depending on their operation: extraction and recirculation. The most common and recommended are extraction, as they are the ones that ensure the expulsion of fumes from the kitchen to the outside and, therefore, are the ones we usually refer to when we talk about hoods in a generic way. The recirculation systems are installed when there is no possibility of connecting the hood directly with an outside space and they work with activated carbon filters.

The filters of the current extractor hoods are usually aluminum, as in the hood that we show, increasingly resistant and easy to wash comfortably in the dishwasher.

Cylindrical Hoods

Kitchen Decorative Hoods Design Ideas 4

As we see, the catalog of decorative kitchen hoods is immense, finding them of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Among these models are sure to find the one that best goes to our kitchen, depending on whether we will place on the front, with furniture, in a central position on the island or the mainland, etc. We can even find hoods with less conventional ways such as this that we show cylindrical hoods which is a perfect kitchen in which it is located, with a strong industrial character.

Assorted Hoods Designs

Kitchen Decorative Hoods Design Ideas 5

We find a multitude of designs that can be adapted to any type of kitchen, to its size, to different design options, as well as to personal tastes and customs. As we show you in this book of ideas, some bells, with a clear decorative character, can even combine materials (stainless steel, aluminum, glass, etc) combining functionality and beauty in one appliance.

We can also find a variety of styles so that the screen adapts perfectly to the aesthetics of the kitchen, such as this that we show you with a retro design that goes like ring finger to the rustic kitchen in which it is installed. Finally, we can play with colors and finishes: matt finish, mirror and different colors like stainless steel,  black, white, copper.

The Size of The Bell

Kitchen Decorative Hoods Design Ideas 6

The size of the hood should be chosen with aesthetic criteria, depending on the role played by the bell in the design of the kitchen, but, above all, the functional point of view must be paramount. If we have a large kitchen and bet by a decorative bell in a central position, as in the kitchen we see in the image, it should be large to dominate over the rest of the elements.

In general, experts recommend that the hood have a suction surface ten centimeters wider on each side than the cooking zone. Also with regard to the position of the screen, it is advisable to respect a safety distance from the hob of at least 70 cm if the hob is ceramic glass and 75 cm if it is gas.

Recessed Hood

Kitchen Decorative Hoods Design Ideas 7

But the variety of bells that exist in the market goes well beyond the decorative bells, thought to go free and to fulfill an esthetic function inside the kitchen.

The chosen kitchen design demands that the bell go unnoticed. For this, we have the integrated bells, which are hidden in a closet and are put into operation when opening the door, or the horizontal, which are installed under a tall cabinet. These type of bells are perfect for kitchens with a minimalist design, very pure lines, where you avoid elements that stand out on the set, as is the case of the kitchen that we show you in the image.

Telescopic Hood

Kitchen Decorative Hoods Design Ideas 8

Another type of hood designed to go unnoticed and integrated into the kitchen is the telescopic hood. These bells, like the ones shown in the picture, are integrated into the high modules of the kitchen and are only visible when they are working. With this type of bell, we can gain space in tall furniture and are therefore very useful in small size kitchens. In addition, as with the decorative bells, these also incorporate lighting that will be very useful when it comes to cooking.

Maximum Bell Integration

Kitchen Decorative Hoods Design Ideas 9

Another possibility we have today is to make a custom case with filtering groups and a motor inside to perform the function of extracting smoke from the kitchen. These types of solutions allow a total customization of the hood and achieve maximum integration in the design of the kitchen.

This is the solution adopted in this vintage design kitchen, where a seemingly traditional hood hides an extraction with the latest technology and maximum comfort of modern bells.

Novel Bells

Kitchen Decorative Hoods Design Ideas 10

The bells are appliances in the continuous progress. The last in extraction is the surface bells. These elements are installed on the own counter, next to the cooking point as we see in the design that we show you of  Bells NOVY. These experts in perimeter aspiration that we can visit on the web of LastHomeDecor, offer us a wide catalog with the best technology, materials, and finishes.

In short, Functional And Decorative Kitchen Hoods of the world of the bells offers us increasingly efficient and aesthetic pieces to make the kitchen a center of creation and a place full of life, where beauty is not at odds with functionality.

What is the most suitable types of hood for your kitchen?