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The growing green house trends are now raising the value of wood. Wood can be a valuable building material if it is processed properly. Wood is now also one of the materials considered to replace bricks as the main materials in building a house.

This is because the things that the classic style is loved by the general public, not to mention the wooden house. If former wooden houses were identified with outdated ancient homes, now building wooden houses is becoming a trend. Classic impression plus the exotic color of wood to make wooden house capable of displaying a cool and elegant impression.

wooden house
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The fact that wooden houses can also last a long time gives a plus for you to own a wooden house. The resilience of wood has been proven by ancestral heritage houses, where the wooden house is able to stand firmly from one generation to the next. Moreover, repairs and replacement of wooden houses can also be done easily.

Wood can also be formed into wooden houses with any design, be it traditional or modern. You can also mix and match wood with other materials, such as glass and rocks.

wooden house design ideas

The Wooden house also has its own uniqueness, if you build a wooden house in a location where the majority of houses made of walls will make it look different. Especially if the shape of the building is made as unique as possible so as to increase the attractiveness of the wooden house. Having a unique home will make you stand out from the others.

Well, if you are currently including who is considering to build a wooden house, then you must know first, what is the benefit of having a wooden house. We love leaks a variety of hidden benefits of wooden houses.

Simple and Minimalis Wooden House
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The Wooden house is considered capable of prioritizing the classical and natural artistic value than an ordinary house. This is because the wood is able to emit a uniqueness that can not be given other materials, such as natural colors that only have wood.

One of the points that you should look at is the selection of wood types, good wood will display a motif that has a special style. In addition, for you who have high artistic spirits, you can do the decoration on your wooden house with carvings and carvings.

wooden house interior design

Wood is a natural insulator and is very effective in isolating cold and heat. That is, by building a wooden house you can save energy in considerable amounts compared to brick or concrete houses.

No need to bother turning on cooling or heating for long periods of time. Another advantage is that thinner and sturdier wooden designs, as well as inter wood pores, make the air circulation of wooden houses better than ordinary houses and give cool impression to the inhabitants.

Gives a different look

The more complicated the design and uniqueness of the type of wood you use to build a wooden house, the higher the value of art that can be from the house. Experimenting with unique designs that are different from existing ones do not hurt you know.

But do not forget also to consult with the experts. Built with the right design and furniture arrangement, the wooden house will be something unique and give a different look that can not be found in other homes.

Good sound absorber

For those of you who do not like crowds, or saturated with the frenetic atmosphere of the city can consider building a wooden house. Because, as is known, wood is also a very good sound absorber. Well, in the wooden house later you can use as a music studio or home theater.

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As an Investment

Wood house design ideas

Sounds old-fashioned, but wooden houses can also be used as an investment tool you know. A house with a unique and attractive design will raise the price of the house. For that reason, wooden houses can also function as long-term investments.

Especially now many restaurants that offer the concept of nature with wooden house building. So it can not be denied that the wooden house has a worth of investment from a regular house.

The wooden house is light and cost-effective

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Other advantages of wooden houses are light and cost-effective. Can not be denied, some wood that has good quality is quite expensive. Do not get discouraged first because there are many other types of wood that are cheaper but not less robust.

The tip is, if your budget is limited you can use the type of wood that is cheap but still quality, such as wooden beams, wooden case, and galore wood. The price of this type of wood is much cheaper than teak wood.

Wooden house sturdy and earthquake resistant

modern wooden house design

Another advantage that is not less important than the wooden house is to have high resistance to earthquakes. If ordinary homes will generally appear cracks or even collapse during an earthquake occurs, not so with a wooden house. This is because the elastic nature of timber makes wooden houses last longer if earthquakes occur. Is it suitable to be applied in earthquake prone right?

Building is faster

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When compared with ordinary houses, the process of building a wooden house takes a faster workmanship you know. Wood has the ability to bring a variety of architectural solutions. The fact that the wooden house is currently a trend again, finally led to the many contractor entrepreneurs who offer wooden houses with knock down system or dismantle pairs, so the manufacture can be done at the factory which can then be assembled at the location of the house construction within a few days. Quite efficient is not it?

Ability to adapt to the environment

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Wooden houses can also adjust to any environment you know. This is because of the nature of the wood texture which is the natural lines of the trees. For example, if you live in a mountainous area, you can use the wood material for the foundation. If you live in the city area, you can use the wood material for the wall, furniture, or just on the floor.

Can be recycled

Wood is one of the building materials that can be recycled so it can be used as another material. So if you later want to renovate the wooden house, the wood can still be used if you become something that has aesthetic value. Such as converted as furniture or sold to the container of used goods.

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To have a beautiful wooden house and durable, you can use teak wood. This kind of wood including wood that is durable and strong, because it has good resistance to mold and termites. Teak wood is also easy to obtain. In addition to teak wood, camphor wood can also be used. The use of this wood is commonly used for the construction of wooden houses in Europe. This wood is known to be very strong and durable with a fairly smooth texture.

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