Wooden Bathroom Furniture Comes Back

Not long ago we said that the wood was returning with more force to stays like the kitchen. It is not a coincidence. The wood returns to all rooms of the house, and the bathrooms are no exception. Thus, wooden bathroom furniture is the best materials in these environments. Warm furniture that has been able to adapt to the new tendencies for bathing.

Wooden Bathroom Furniture Comes Back

In this article, we will tell you a bit about this return. Wooden furniture for rustic or neo rustic bathrooms, wood furniture with micro cement and other more current materials, and the result they have in bathrooms that do not even embark on any remodeling. The truth is that we love the wood in bathrooms.

The Return of Wood To Bathroom Furniture

We speak of return for something elementary. Until recently, bathroom furniture stores focused their catalogs on alternative lacquered furniture, in textured and other options, relegating wooden bathroom furniture to a few possibilities. Something as simple as entering the internet, visiting a page of decoration and see that this trend changes gradually, and that modern, white and suspended bathroom furniture (those that we liked so much and do not displease us today) have Found a strong competitor with those of wood. The reason? The wood always comes back. Great material that brings warmth automatically, more in a room that already by itself can be a bit cold.

Wooden Bathroom Furniture Comes Back 2

Wooden Bathroom Furniture Comes Back 3

Wooden Furniture For Rustic Bathrooms Decoration

The rustic also returns, but on this occasion, we see rather rustic neo environments, in which modernity can be appreciated in small details, from faucets to toilets. Even so, wooden furniture, and other elements such as the floor and walls, allow counteracting this modernity with a slightly more aged flavor.

Wooden Bathroom Furniture Comes Back 4

In the next bathroom, we see the result of the combination of modern toilets, rounded lines, wooden countertops, and the special touch of hydraulic tiles on the wall and floor (combined with wood).

Wooden Bathroom Furniture Comes Back 5

Here we see a clear example of neo rustic bathroom, where the rustic countertop, stone, and contrast with the modern taps, sink, and other details are combined. You can see more ideas for rustic bathrooms here!

Wooden Bathroom Furniture And Current Materials

Does that mean that wooden bath furniture is only suitable for rustic bathrooms? Of course not. Moreover, wood in bathroom furniture has been able to adapt without any problem to new trends. The combination of wood and micro cement, for example, is spectacular. Epoxy resin or continuous pavements in general. Also, it is a good companion of modern finishes such as laminates or hexagonal shapes and even in fish scale.

Wooden Bathroom Furniture Comes Back 6

Wooden Bathroom Furniture Comes Back 7

Open or Closed Wood Bathroom Furniture

If you are thinking of buying a wooden bathroom cabinet for your home, you can find a lot of different models. We can divide them into the open and closed. While the open wooden furniture has a more modern touch, the closed ones are more focused on the conventional furniture aspect. The openings give lightness and allow the placement of toilets on the countertop in a more visual. However, the closed ones allow more storage.

Wooden Bathroom Furniture Comes Back 8

Wooden Bathroom Furniture Comes Back 9

Wooden Bathroom Furniture to Renovate Without Work

Finally, remember that changing the bathroom furniture can give an entirely different touch to this room. Yes, no need to get into reforms. If your floor and walls are great and decorative. If you have a shower or bath and do not want to change them or the toilets are practically new, one of the most economical options to renovate the bathroom is to bet on a new piece of furniture. Why not using wood as the material?

Wooden Bathroom Furniture Comes Back 10

Wooden Bathroom Furniture Comes Back 11

What did you think of the proposals? What do you feel about wooden bathroom furniture now? Surely more than one just added them to your wish list. Thanks for following LastHomeDecor.com!

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