Tables with Patchwork

On occasion we have talked about the Patchwork in the decoration. Today we focus on the tables. While it is true that the only way we can imagine in principle is to create a tablecloth or a table path with this technique, there are other ways to dress our tables with Patchwork.

Tables with Patchwork 1

We can find, or even perform ourselves, authentic works of art with our cloth scraps. It would try to cover the whole surface of the table or certain parts, like the drawers, with our pieces of Patchwork.
The result is charming. The only problem we encounter is that, depending on the use we give to the table, it may be impractical. So, in a table for coffee, it will be necessary to place a glass over it so as not to end up staining our scraps. Also, an auxiliary table or bedside table, is more suitable for this type of adhesions.

Tables with Patchwork 2

Tables with Patchwork 3

If we do not have patience or do not know how to work this textile art, we can always opt for another equally attractive modality. It is painted Patchwork, ideal for all those furniture that will be in contact with liquids and others, or simply for those who prefer a table easy to clean.

Tables with Patchwork 4

This second option is really practical, but the truth is that it will be difficult to find models that have the color that a Patchwork really offers. It is also a very expensive task.

Tables with Patchwork 5

Tables with Patchwork 6

Finally, a more practical solution occurs to us so that the tables have a surface easy to clean. Instead of opting for the normal fabric, we can opt for plastic tablecloths. The typical rubber we found in any house. These tablecloths have a plastified surface easy to clean. Also, the good thing is that we will find an endless number of different models in any store. Surely much easier than painting every bit of the surface of the table with a small brush.

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