Types of Swimming Pools

Are you thinking about building a pool in your garden? You should know that there are different types, as well as very different building materials. In order to put it a little easier, let's do a little introduction to the world of swimming pools, so you have more clear what the possible options for types of pools.

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We can differentiate them between workplaces, prefabricated swimming pools or demountable swimming pools. Then, once this type is clear, we should focus on the material. Depending on the material we will find cheaper or more expensive pools. Take note and choose the one that best fits your needs and pocket.

Types of pools by construction

Before talking about the materials, it is necessary to classify pools for their type of construction. We found mainly three:

Work pools: they are the most resistant and durable. In addition, they are also the ones that more personalization offer. As a disadvantage we find the construction time and its price, because they are the most expensive.

Prefabricated swimming pools: in this type of swimming pool we gain in construction time, since in 2 or 3 days they can be installed and ready to use. In addition, although there is not as much freedom as in the works, we will find a wide finish of forms. They are not as durable as the first ones, but they do not give bad results either.

Ground pools: forget the typical small ground pools. In this type there are large size that can be adapted to the wider gardens. As a main advantage, be able to save them once the summer season ends, and their price, as they are cheaper pools. As for the disadvantages, although there are very durable materials, they can not compete with the works and prefabricated ones.

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Concrete pools

They are the big winners in terms of resistance. In addition, they have an impeccable finish, offering a lot of customization options. The main disadvantage is that to build a concrete pool requires enough time, we are talking about 30 to 60 days for a small or medium pool. In addition, its price is also higher. It should be added that in this type of pools, over the years, leaks and cracks may appear, which will require some maintenance.

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Steel pools

This type of pool gains more and more ground to the concrete ones. The reason might be that they are structures that tolerate the movements of the terrain. They are faster in their assembly and also offer customization in size and shape. As the main disadvantage we find the discoloration by the sun, for the case of painted steel pools. In addition, they must be placed by real professionals, because it requires precision to avoid problems in the structure.

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Fiberglass pool

They are the most economical and, in addition, they offer 100% watertightness. The greek and fissures are easily repaired by applying fiberglass. They are assembled in a short time and there are endless forms, although there is so much freedom to customize. As main disadvantages are the discoloration of the surface by the sun, can not be repainted, as any paint will flake. So, to restore the color applying epoxy resin is necessary, which implies the need for skilled labor.

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We hope this article will serve you to have more clear types of pools that exist in the market, and its advantages and disadvantages. If you found it interesting we would love to share it on your social networks, maybe it will be usefull for your friends and followers.

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