Storage in small kitchens

Small kitchens can create us some problems when it comes to getting storage space. No matter if it is to store kitchenware or cookbooks, the fact is that confined spaces are a challenge for our minds. Fortunately, there are some tips that can be very useful. To begin with, if the kitchen is small and we do not want to create a feeling of saturation, it is advisable to leave shelves open. The shelves are also very useful. In this way we can place all our boats and kitchen utensils in a practical and colorful.

Storage in small kitchens 1

In the market there are numerous systems to hang utensils from the ceiling or walls. The truth is that they are really practical, because you use a part of the stay that otherwise would not take advantage of. The high cabinets, normally, and if they do not reach the ceiling, have an upper space. This space is ideal for placing all kinds of objects. That way, you will avoid having them on top of the counter and you can wear them on the same way. We can place a shelf above the windows to be able to locate certain objects. Also, as in the photo, it can also be used as a storage place for our glasses.

Storage in small kitchens 2

Storage in small kitchens 3

The upper spaces of the furniture can also be used to store bottles, baskets or glasses. The only drawback we can see is that it may not be practical to reach easily. But a stool can help us. First of all we must take into account that the idea is to try that our small kitchen has a sense of spaciousness, so that order is essential. It is better to put things this way instead of leaving them scattered on the bench.