Small Kitchens

Small kitchens can be a source of inspiration; And is that, although we all long to have large spaces in our home, there are times that the reality is different. However, having a small kitchen does not imply not enjoying a striking and unique design. It is just another challenge to overcome, which can result in kitchens full of beauty and charm as we will share today.

Small Kitchens Tips and Tricks 1

In a small kitchen, the important thing is to save space. If we do not have room to place a large table and chairs to eat, we simply do not. The idea is to be able to circulate as comfortably as possible inside it. Of course, we can take advantage of the space in a thousand ways, being able to place a folding table or choosing a small corner to put a small table with a pair of chairs.

Small Kitchens Tips and Tricks 2

Small Kitchens Tips and Tricks 3

Another really interesting option is to place a bench that serves to handle food but at the same time we have the option of placing stools. An ideal corner for breakfast or lunch.

Small Kitchens Tips and Tricks 4

Obviously in these small kitchens color matters, and a lot. It is not advisable to opt for very striking colors, as they could dwarf the space even more. It is best to opt for white tones. Of course, we can add color strokes in the form of decorative elements or even dare with some wall.

Small Kitchens Tips and Tricks 5

On another occasion we talked about the advantages of open shelves. In these small kitchens are really useful, because we can place our objects in a striking way, taking advantage of these shelves and what we put in them as part of the decoration.

Small Kitchens Tips and Tricks 6

We continue to save space, this time with the radiators. Fortunately, if it is cold in our kitchen, we can always opt for custom radiators, smaller and with the same power. These suit almost any corner.

Small Kitchens Tips and Tricks 7

Small Kitchens Tips and Tricks 8

And finally, we can take advantage of the walls of our small kitchen to hang the utensils. In this way, cutting boards, knives and other utensils will be organized in view and, at the same time, will form part of our decoration.