Side Tables For Small Rooms

The small rooms give enough problems in decorating them; And is that we must look for decorative solutions that provide us with functionality at the same time as a pleasant design with which we feel comfortable. Tables are usually a problem. How to place a side table without giving up space? Luckily we found some interesting solutions that will help you.

Side Tables For Small Rooms 1

You can opt for tables with wheels, for example a low glass table with wheels. You can then move it around the room by cornering it at any given time without much difficulty. When you need it again you should only move it and place it in the place that you want. At this point it should be noted that we can find endless tables with wheels in the market. Thus, they are an ideal and versatile solution so that this surface can work from sideboard to place the TV, to table to eat while watching a movie.

Side Tables For Small Rooms 2

We also find the rustic wooden pallet tables, to which we can also incorporate the relevant wheels to make it more functional and easy to move throughout the room.

Side Tables For Small Rooms 3

Side Tables For Small Rooms 4

Side Tables For Small Rooms 5

We love round tables; And is that the truth is that they perform an excellent decorative function without over saturating the room. So, if you want to place some photo frame, vase or lamp, this is a good choice.

Side Tables For Small Rooms 6

Side Tables For Small Rooms 7

If we have very little space, this type of tables will enchant us. These are low tables that open completely giving us several surfaces to eat or just drink something. They are highly recommended for homes that live from 1 to 2 people.

Side Tables For Small Rooms 8

We finally stayed with this option that we loved. Look for a purely decorative element that can make the table sometimes. As we can see in the image, you can use suitcases or trunks, which will give our room plus a side table, a decorative plus worth.

Side Tables For Small Rooms 9

The options are endless, as we said before there are many table types on the market, some more modern than others; And if it is not our plans to spend money well we can look for some alternative to recycle some object and achieve a precious diy furniture.