Rooms with retro style

We know that many of our readers are lovers of retro worship. We love, and we can not deny that this kind of decor gives personality to the rooms, breaking out some modern lines prevailing so far. Specifically, in this post today we talk about decorating rooms with retro-style, inspired by the 60s.

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Sixties decor is really exciting. A moment in which the hippie movement, new building materials, new shapes and colors became part of the halls, and houses in general, around the world. It is a style that experience, which breaks and gives life. The geometric forms impose themselves with force, in addition to finding uncommon furniture with styles that never had been seen until the moment.

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Rooms with retro style 3

Lamps with large arms that illuminated the room or perhaps chandeliers but with a more futuristic vision; And in this type of decoration they are trying to introduce psychedelic touches to the classic environments, in order to renew some lines breaking with the past.

Rooms with retro style 4

The palettes were important. Pink, green, brown and orange. There was no need for monochromism to prevail, although it was also accepted. The vivid colors were welcome in each of the elements, thus, the geometric prints made use of these chromatic ranges full of life.

Rooms with retro style 5

Large lounges with large armchairs. In addition, in the seating theme, the lines were also rounded. We could see and chairs lifetime but with round finishes on its surface, and even completely round shaped chairs; and that spherical wore a lot.

Rooms with retro style 6

Rooms with retro style 7

This spherical love also moved to appliances such as television, and in other rooms of the house appliances. It was certainly a way to break with the past, in which the sober and straight lines prevailed.

Rooms with retro style 8

Rooms with retro style 9

As for the decoration of walls, psychedelic paintings are welcome in this retro style, but also the shelves, simple, with vivid colors and many shelves in the air to be able to place our objects.

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