Rooms with large windows

Windows are an inexhaustible source of light for our homes. It is an architectural element that we must never forget; And is that with more windows and less walls, we will make our rooms look bigger and bigger, merging with the same horizon and creating a sense of enormous breadth.

Rooms with large windows

We can talk about the panoramic windows. These long windows allow you to see the landscape as if it were a postcard. Obviously, if our house is located in areas of coast or mountain better than better, so we can enjoy the wonderful views. We can also talk about the large floor-to-ceiling windows. Windows with their moldings that besides giving light to the rooms, give them a special charm. A unique and pleasant atmosphere that will allow our guests to enjoy our garden without leaving the room.

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Rooms with large windows 3

Rooms with large windows 4

Rooms with large windows 5

The concept of glass walls can also be the most attractive. However, many of you think that these types of solutions deprive guests of their privacy. We can, for example, place these walls in our halls, and may also add a succession of windows that can be opened to ventilate the room.

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While it is true that frameless windows can be a most eye-catching option for our home. Depending on the style, these types of windows will be more or less fit. Thus, if we have environments with a certain industrial style, perhaps we are more interested in opting for those loft style windows that we see so much in American comedies.

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Finally let's not forget that these types of windows are part of the decoration, because the truth is that without wanting, we are setting a great tapestry alive. A permanent painting that will adorn our stay.