Retro Kitchen Decor

When decorating a kitchen with a retro style we can opt for several slopes. We can either recreate the typical cafeteria of the 50's, which featured large bars, metal stools with red touches and black and white floors; As we can also opt for the family kitchens of that time. Kitchens in which the wood has enough presence, as well as the furniture of more Provencal style.

Retro Kitchen Decor 1

In these second kitchens, what stands out most is the use of appliances of a certain retro cut. Thus, we find as essential the typical Smeg refrigerators. Yes, those refrigerators that stand out with their curved lines and their colors. While it is true that simply introducing this type of refrigerator can give a rather retro touch to our kitchen, the truth is that it is also a good idea to introduce other touches such as kitchens with oven in the purest rustic style. Of those that imitate the old stoves, long before the induction or glass-ceramic arrived. Although the most nostalgic can always rescue some kind of industrial-style kitchens, such as those used in the old American kitchens of restaurants fifty.

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Retro Kitchen Decor 3

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A very interesting detail is the play of color in these kitchens. Normally, an attempt was made to find a cohesion between the different household appliances. Thus, it is not uncommon to find fifty-five kitchens with wooden furniture and a refrigerator, oven and bell of a different color.

Retro Kitchen Decor 6

As we said at the beginning, we can also opt for the kitchens of the cafes. Perhaps they are more recharged, not suitable for those people who tire easily of the bizarre and flashy.

Retro Kitchen Decor 7

Creating a large center bar and placing a number of stools at the same time as laying a black and white floor can be ideal. Also, do not forget details like neon or decorative objects of Coca Cola, which are the sea of ​​good in this type of environments.

Retro Kitchen Decor 8

An old cash register, a couple of posters with neon and a pie in the middle of our bar can become the best of retro kitchen touches.