Pink Bedrooms Ideas

Pink is the most used color in children's rooms for girls. The truth is that it is a pleasant tone that can also combine really well with colors like white, creating a dream bedroom that every girl would like to have. When combining the pink tones we have to be careful. Abusing them can be a problem, as we would make the room look much smaller.

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For this reason, it is interesting that these colors stick to the textile or even to the walls, leaving floors and furniture reserved for another color. We can, for example, use white on the furniture, something that will allow us to change the textile in the future by completely renovating the room. Also, for floors, materials such as wood can bring warmth and be the perfect companion for this striking rose.

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While it is true that pink is often used in girls' bedrooms, as we said before, it is also possible to decorate an adult bedroom with this color. In this case we can mix it with other shades such as purple or even brown. The chocolate is ideal to counteract the rose and create a nice balance.

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We can opt for a neutral decoration and stick to a single wall. Painting it all in pink while wearing white furniture can be the most attractive. In addition, we can also include some decorative vinyl in shades of white or even black so they can break with the rose.

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Finally, if we like the rose but we do not feel comfortable with the rooms full of color, we can always opt for a paler tone. As we see in the last photo, you can mix with white on the walls and give some brushstrokes in the textile, at the same time as the weight of the color we focus on blacks and grays.

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