Pergolas for terraces or fixed enclosures?

Terraces can be used in many ways. Plants are essential, of that there is no doubt. Having a table to eat outdoors is a good idea, but it is also very useful to have a sheltered area of ​​the sun. The pergolas for terraces and fixed enclosures are the main solutions that are usually used. Which of them would you put at home? On this occasion we show you the main characteristics and advantages of each of them so that you can choose well and decide when making a reform on the terrace. We hope this article will help you to conclude which of these alternatives is the best for you: pergolas for terraces? Or fixed enclosures?

Pergolas for terraces or fixed enclosures? 1

The elegance of pergolas for terraces

The pergolas are really elegant elements. In many cases we find them attached to the house, and take advantage of the walls of the house to create the structure. We also find independent pergolas, located in any corner of the garden. Its structure can be of many materials, from wood to wrought iron. In addition, the cover can also vary, being able to use rigid materials, canvases or even plants. Wooden pergolas are our favorite.

Pergolas for terraces or fixed enclosures? 2

Pergolas for terraces or fixed enclosures? 3

Roofing for terraces

The enclosures for terraces differ from the pergolas (especially of the annexes) in that they are closed spaces, as its name indicates it. Usually they use crystals or glasses, although it is not strange to see enclosures with several walls and large glass windows only in the main wall. As for the ceiling, if you want to protect yourself from the sun, it is best not to be transparent glass.

Pergolas for terraces or fixed enclosures? 4

Pergolas for terraces or fixed enclosures? 5

Advantages of pergolas

Versatile space: the main advantage, without doubt, is the versatility of the space that is created using pergolas for terraces. An open corner, but also closed. A place in which to be outdoors, but in which to guard against rain or the sun.

Pergolas for terraces or fixed enclosures? 6

Pergolas for terraces or fixed enclosures? 7

Pergolas for terraces or fixed enclosures? 8

Great variety of models and finishes: another advantage is that, as far as decoration is concerned, they offer a lot of freedom. You can choose between wooden pergolas, always more rustic and warm, also are aluminum pergolas, light and modern. In addition, bioclimatic pergolas, capable of adapting to any weather changes in your garden.

They increase the square meters of the house: it is not a unique and exclusive characteristic of the pergolas, as we will see later, but it is remarkable. And is that, by placing them next to the house, you will earn square meters to build an outdoor living room.

Advantages of the enclosures for terraces

Air conditioning: the enclosures for terraces gain ground in what concerns air conditioning. It is true that a pergola can protect from the sun, making temperatures inside the house lower in summer. But an enclosure, besides protecting the sun and heat, is also able to isolate the cold, because it is a completely enclosed space.

Less noise: an enclosure on the terrace will also help minimize noises coming from outside, inside the house.

Increase the space in the house: as in the previous case, the square meters of your home are expanded. However, it may be more obvious with the enclosures. This would be more noticeable on balconies, for example, if you decided to incorporate it into the room through an enclosure, you could unify the space.

Pergolas for terraces or fixed enclosures? 9

Pergolas for terraces or fixed enclosures? 10

Pergolas for terraces or fixed enclosures? 11

Greater privacy: the enclosures can offer more privacy if we choose to place smoked glass, or even curtains or blinds in the interior. What did you think of the proposals? Which of these two terraced solutions do you think would be most convenient for you? Pergolas or enclosures? We hope you will be inspired if you are thinking of renovating the terrace.

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