Lounges in green color

Green is a very interesting color to decorate our room. It is the color of nature par excellence, a tonality that symbolizes peace, freshness, harmony and innocence. In addition, it is also the color of hope. After all this, it must be said that regardless of its meaning, it is a color that usually looks really good when decorating, yes, considering some things.

Lounges in green color 1

If we opt for an integral decoration in green, perhaps we want to break a little that monochromatic environment. We can do it with a gray or perhaps white sofa, depending on our tastes. It will be the perfect strawberry of the dessert. Also, do not forget that green has many different tonalities, starting from the darkest like olive green, to lighter tones like lime green, for example; Do not be afraid to use them.

Lounges in green color 2

If we choose the color green and our room does not have too much natural light, it is better that we choose the lighter tones or combine it with some broken white. Otherwise, the truth is that our room can be quite dark and with a certain sense of narrowness and saturation.

Lounges in green color 3

Lounges in green color 4

Lounges in green color 5

Lounges in green color 6

Obviously, we can opt for a furniture and walls in another color and center this green in small touches of color. It is one of the most elegant ways to combine these tones; Because we can also choose the different prints that mix the green with other colors like white or yellow. This is the option we like the most.

Lounges in green color 7

Lounges in green color 8

So, let's be clear that mixing the green can be made with many colors, such as yellow, brown or white. However, if we want the composition to be a great natural tapestry, it is better to opt for a white canvas or similar on the walls; And is that once again, light is a determining factor that always allows us to use colors more or less strong. In addition, as we have seen a long time ago, another very interesting combination is the environment with green wood.