Ideas for decorating loft floors

In loft apartments, usually, space is worth gold. Every inch can be used to put into practice original ideas that make our working meters more functional. So, in these small spaces, the decoration must be careful. It is best to avoid filling them with strong colors, large decorative elements or too big furniture. Harmony will have to be sought through soft tones and some custom furniture.

Ideas for decorating loft floors

In the first example we can see a loft in which the high ceiling has been used to create a dependence upstairs. A separate living room that is connected by a nice staircase. As the lower part has low ceilings, it has chosen a Moroccan style decoration, resembling the typical tea rooms. Definitely a hit. In the following example we see how besides using wood, which always gives more warmth to the rooms, it has taken advantage of the space under the stairs to place the table to eat. Definitely a well taken advantage of space that will not bother us in our day to day.

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Ideas for decorating loft floors 3

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This time we fell in love with this Mediterranean-style loft. Large windows, white colors, and a small but well insulated kitchen. Mixing wood with white and certain bluish tones, make our loft count with an air of the most sailor.

Ideas for decorating loft floors 5

If we like the sobriety of the black we should not give it up just because we live in a loft. As we see in this photo, having white base, both in furniture, walls and floors, you can always give touches of black, whether on an isolated wall or some furniture scattered throughout the room. Our loft will be elegant to the extreme.

Ideas for decorating loft floors 6

Finally we focus on this idea that has amazed us. It is a series of modules that together make up a bedroom-living room of the most fun. On the one hand we have intimacy in the lower area, on the other, we can not deny that the lines of this furniture in particular are most modern. We hope these ideas have been helpful to those who live in a loft apartment or are thinking of moving to one. If we talk about it is because more and more people are asking us ideas to decorate lofts, perhaps due to the great offer of Apartments and Houses Banks with these types of formats. Be that as it may, what we can not deny is that lofts have their charm; Who ever, as a young man, did not dream of living in one?

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