Living rooms with exposed brick

Using the brick seen in a room can be one of the best options we can find to bring distinction and class; And is that these walls of brick seen are still very interesting elements to decorate our home, especially our living room.

Living rooms with exposed brick 1

We can choose to cover a wide wall, letting the rest, the smaller walls, are painted with some light color; And it is necessary to take into account that if we do not want to saturate the room, we will have to complement the brick seen with tones that do not saturate. We must think that these walls are already sufficiently visually charged. Another option is to take some smaller wall and leave it as a differentiating point. Particularly this option we like much more, as well, the brick seen becomes a decorative element more, without monopolizing all the importance of the whole.

Living rooms with exposed brick 2

Living rooms with exposed brick 3

Living rooms with exposed brick 4

The brick seen on the walls in which the windows or balconies are placed can be a great idea. Usually they are zones with more illumination, reason why we will lighten the load of these walls a little, creating a rustic atmosphere of the most welcoming.

Living rooms with exposed brick 5

Living rooms with exposed brick 6

The bricks seen must necessarily be terracotta. The truth is that these walls can also be painted. We will get a different texture but a uniform color with the rest of the dining room, so it is another interesting option. In addition, we must know that there are endless models of panels that imitate these bricks with the widest colors that we can imagine. It is also good to shuffle them.

Living rooms with exposed brick 7

Finally when adding color to the room these walls can have a lot of play. If we have not abused the colors on the walls, we can always mix strong tones, which contrasted with the color of the brick will attract much attention.

Living rooms with exposed brick 8

In the event that we choose to paint the brick, we will have to take a little more care and choose shades that go perfectly with the one we have chosen for our brick wall seen.

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