Lilac Bedrooms With Nice Colors

The lilac color is an excellent choice to decorate our bedroom. It is a tone achieved by combining two colors such as blue and red. Thus, lilac has qualities like favor meditation and concentration of people. Also, used correctly can create relaxing stays and very comfortable.

Lilac Bedrooms With Nice Colors 1

For all this, it is necessary to know how to play with the intensity of this color. Thus, although it is okay to give strokes of color that may have prominence, it is important to know that a stay with lilac tones raised could create a feeling of excessive darkness. There are those who are simply content to integrate this color with small strokes. So playing with the textile and choosing sheets and blankets with lilac and white colors can be a great choice. In addition, we can always reinforce our decoration with some decorative plant that has lilac flowers.

Lilac Bedrooms With Nice Colors 2

Lilac Bedrooms With Nice Colors 3

Lilac Bedrooms With Nice Colors 4

If we choose to paint the walls, it is interesting to choose light curtains. A simple white gauze will give greater prominence to the light that comes naturally.

Lilac Bedrooms With Nice Colors 5

Not only white can be a faithful companion of lilac. We also find the rose, the fuchsia or even the yellow ones. We have to know how to play, and perhaps the most opposing colors are the ones that give us the most sensations. Especially in a children's room, where creating more unusual environments is not so scary.

Lilac Bedrooms With Nice Colors 6

You can also choose to leave the lilac tonality for decorative elements such as pictures or plaques. The truth is that they will greatly relieve the visual load of the room, being able to choose in them tones much more raised and strong.

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Lilac Bedrooms With Nice Colors 8

We have talked about white and other shades that can be excellent companions for the lilac, but let us not forget that wood can also play a good role at its side, whether we choose wood floors or whether our furniture mixes wood shades with certain Lilac touches.

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