Kitchens with lots of color

We love colorful houses; And is that color can make our home become a fun and unique place. Today we focus on kitchens with lots of color, an option for the bravest, joy lovers and different environments.

Kitchens with lots of color 1

We can add color to our kitchen in different ways. For example, through the kitchenware. So, for this option, we will have to opt for these open stores, in which you can see all the colors with which we put our table every day. Another option is to add color to the walls. For this, we can paint different shades of each of the walls of our kitchen. In the following example we see how neon colors have been used; And is that these are totally in fashion today.

Kitchens with lots of color 2

Kitchens with lots of color 3

If we are more classic but we do not want to do without the color, we can give certain notes with elements like the chairs or placing some other vase with flowers multicolor. It will not be so obvious, but the truth is that it also creates magical corners. We have seen some examples in this regard in our article "Dining rooms with mixed chairs"

Kitchens with lots of color 4

We can opt for colorful furniture, restored antique furniture that give a bit of originality and personality to our kitchen. For this, you just have to sand and paint. An easy task that anyone can do.

Kitchens with lots of color 5

We can also opt for kitchens already made with color. In the market there are endless different models from which we can choose, from pale green to red passion.

Kitchens with lots of color 6

Kitchens with lots of color 7

And if we are more of lovers of white kitchen furniture, there is no problem. We can always add our own notes of color with rags and other objects, very Nordic style, in which white is the center but always add color strokes. Even if they are shy.

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