Kitchens with island

The kitchens with island are really beautiful. And it is that we can not deny that this type of elements give more visual amplitude to this stay of the home, taking into account that to integrate them, already we must have a wide space. But also, they also allow us to have extra benches to cook and handle food. So, a kitchen island has many advantages.

Kitchens with island 1

If it is true that space is paramount to include them, it should be noted that there are other options to create smaller and adaptable kitchen islands. We can use auxiliary tables that can be placed in the middle of the kitchen, avoiding having to do work and being able to choose a size that fits our stay. The wooden tables are usually an option of the most recommendable. They can adapt to almost any decorative style, being especially good in those kitchens that present a rustic or Provencal style.

Kitchens with island 2

Kitchens with island 3

Kitchens with island 4

We can use rustic tables of old wood, which can be treated simply by sanding its surface. Placed in the center of our kitchen will increase the rustic style of it, creating also a unique space with lots of personality.

Kitchens with island 5

We can, if this table is large, put some stools. In this way not only serve as a kitchen island, also as a table to eat, thus providing greater functionality to our kitchen.

Kitchens with island 6

Kitchens with island 7

It is not necessary that the tables are fixed, also it is good option to opt for tables with wheels. These can be removed and placed at any time in the corner of the kitchen that we want, depending on the functions we have to perform.

Kitchens with island 8

No doubt this is a very interesting solution for those who want to add extra space to their kitchen, and even more so if we do not have enough space or do not want to spend a lot of money on works; And is that this type of islands will not have fires or bell, so you will not need extra installation.