Ideas To Paint The House

Would you like to renovate your home without spending a lot of money? Among the range of possibilities within our reach, we can say that painting the house would be the best option if we make the cost-benefit ratio. Yes, the color of the walls can help you give a completely different air to your home without much effort, and spend less money compared to how expensive it could be to buy new furniture.

Ideas To Paint The House

Now, if you are not clear on what paint colors to use to paint the house, in this article we will give you some ideas to help you get a little out of the usual, which is usually the target. The white is fine, and it brings a lot of light and all that, but there is always room to add color paint to make us happy.

Greenery to paint the house

Pantone surprised this year with a new tone for this season, Greenery. It is a yellowish green that will bring a lot of freshness to your house. This tone is great if you are in love with the tropical decoration that, on the other hand, is also the absolute trend. Painting only one of the walls of the room and adding wallpaper with the same tone to another wall can be an excellent idea. The result will surprise you. The best of all? That if you also have indoor plants, you will have a combination of the most exotic and jungle.

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Ideas To Paint The House 3

Niagara blue to paint walls

Although Pantone strongly pointed out his Greenery, it is not the only tonality they claim will triumph this season. Niagara, for example, is another of those great wonders that will help us give a different touch to our home. It is a bluish tone that inspires relaxation and reflection. A color laden with positive energy that is ideal for painting the house, from a bedroom to a bathroom. If you've never thought about this type of color before, we invite you to read "Decor in blue tones", you'll probably be surprised.

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Paint the house in yellow

Yellow is a color that has had many detractors throughout history. Yes, many associates it with bad luck, but the truth is that we can say that these are just superstitions. Yellow is a color that conveys much joy. Ideal for painting interior walls. A vibrant color that can be chosen in its most striking tones or those that mix with earth tones, turning it off a little more and bringing it closer to the orange. Definitely, a color to give a radical change to our house this coming season. You should take it into account, some time ago we shared some ideas of kitchens in yellow and the truth surprised us the diffusion that had the article.

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Red paint for walls

Not the usual, but red can also be an excellent choice to paint the house. Not all of that, yes, but some particular wall. In addition, we also find it as one of the trend shades of the moment. On interior walls, it is necessary to use it with caution. Remember that it is an excessively bright and lively color, which could detract from natural light to the rooms. An orange red reminds us of fire, daring, charismatic and widely used in combination with other shades such as gray or white.

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Some time ago we shared some ideas to decorate in red, and the truth is that we were astonished a number of visits that had the article.

Follow the trend to stick pink

Pink quartz was, throughout 2016, a trend. But far from what we could imagine, the rose came to stay. It is still a fashionable color. Able to radiate delicacy and luminosity to the environment, it is still a perfect spring color to combine with black or gray furniture. Ideal for creating feminine environments. If you are not of the risky people, this is one of the paint colors you will not regret choosing.

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Subtle paint colors

If you go more subtle colors, it is certainly better to look on the nude palettes. Pantone highlights the Hazelnut. This is a tonality that connects the interior of the house with the natural elements of the earth. Warm and welcoming evenly, this neutral tonality will make your home change, but without going over.

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Ideas To Paint The House 13

What did you think of the proposals? What is your favorite color to paint your house? Keep in mind that painting the walls will always be cheaper than doing other renovations or renovating furniture. That if, if you do not have the time you can go to a specialized painter, in this case surely the workforce will double to the total budget, but it will always be cheaper. In addition, painting is part of the logical maintenance of any home.