Ideas for Small Master Bedrooms

If there is something that our readers ask us daily is ideas and more ideas for decorating small spaces. If so it is that most suffer from lack of space, and that, nowadays, it is normal, because as we say, homes are becoming smaller, especially in big cities, which ends up being logical, of otherwise we would enter not many people living in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, to name a few.

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Those who live in apartments that have more than one bedroom, usually reserve the largest as a master bedroom. Unfortunately, many times, they are all so small that we have to fix ourselves anyway. But do not despair, if you read us regularly you will have seen that on more than one occasion we have talked about how to decorate small bedrooms. This time we want to share some ideas to decorate small master bedrooms, and you will see that however small a space is, it does not mean that we can not make it special, but on the contrary, it is often easier to achieve a warm and welcoming atmosphere In a small room than in a large one.

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Although striped walls are not recommended in small spaces, as they do not collaborate in visually widening the spaces, we have loved these two striped double bedrooms in earth tones. In the first combining this tone perfectly with blue. As a recommendation, if you plan to use stripes on the walls in a small room, better if you have enough natural light.

Ideas for Small Master Bedrooms 3

Another option that we liked is that of a wood-paneled wall or pretending to be wood. We all know that today, with the help of decorative and photomural vinyl, this is possible. In this case, between the green floor and the wooden wall as a headboard give an air of the most organic to this bedroom.

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Following a bit with the previous line, this has seemed very nice, very cool indeed. Despite having a dark, woody floor, they have managed to give it that organic style again by combining it with the green apple of the textiles.

Ideas for Small Master Bedrooms 5

If we have no other option than a dormer bedroom, this does not have to be a problem. Here we see how lovely it can be seen, in this case using classic furniture.

Ideas for Small Master Bedrooms 6

In conclusion, no matter the size of the master bedroom, it is only a matter of stopping to think a little about what we truly want and the possibilities we have. Nor is it necessary to have too much budget, because it is possible to decorate without spending a lot of money.

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We hope that some of these ideas will inspire you. If you liked the article we would be grateful to share it on your social networks!

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