Ideas for decorating exteriors

Exterior decor can be a tough job. What materials to choose? What kind of furniture will look better? In this article we offer you some ideas to decorate your terrace, patio or garden, creating a unique and wonderful place. If we have a covered patio we may be less afraid when choosing the materials. We can choose, for example, bamboo or wood, because thanks to the roof will be sheltered from the rain. In addition, the roof is also useful for the use of lighting elements, as we will not run the risk of getting wet.

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Creating authentic Balinese beds in our garden can be one of the most interesting options, if we have enough ground. An ideal place to place one of these outdoor beds will be under a pergola. To this environment can be added a minimalist style or to fill everything with colorful and diverse flowers. We prefer more for the second, because we think that the first option is more maintained and that in a way, if we want to relax, the plants will help us much more to it.

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Exteriors are a good place to plan an intimate dinner or a meal. We have already spoken in an earlier post about outdoor dining and its particular charm. The important thing is to have a table, but if we do not want to fall in the typical white plastic table, we can opt for a wooden table and different chairs. This option will give personality to our porch.

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We love the Moroccan style. This decoration of exteriors goes through the use of plants as well as textiles of many colors, low armchairs and some other lamp with oriental style. If we have a patio with gallery we are lucky to put some chairs and a side table.

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And if in winter it's too cold to be outdoors, this will be no problem. As we say; And is that we can put a fireplace in the garden so that in the evenings we can warm up like a bonfire.

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The lovers of the hot tubs can also make their dream come true, of course, with enough space, since one of these elements can occupy a lot. But we can not deny the charm of a jacuzzi in a beautiful courtyard with deck. If our terrace or patio is not great maybe we should do without this dream.

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It is important to know that outdoors is less, as in many other places in the house. If we choose to place a few pieces of furniture, we will be gaining space. Only by placing plants and trees can the landscape change a lot.

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We still love the wicker, we can not deny it. A good set of wicker furniture can be a fantastic idea, more if accompanied by parasols as impressive as this one, a rather obvious oriental style.

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Finally, if we want green but we do not feel like mowing the lawn every day, we can choose to place plants and on the ground, instead of a turf blanket, opt for the typical rocks and pebbles.

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