Ideas for decorating boys rooms

Some time ago we published an article where we gave ideas for decorating girls' bedrooms. Following this many readers also sent us messages asking nurseries ideas or childrens room. The rooms for men can be really fun if we work on their decoration. Just put a little imagination and start creating. It occurs to us that more than one child wants to sleep in a small tree. While it is true that we can not put a tree in your room, if we can build a bed recreating these spaces so longed for children. A real luxury that your son will appreciate.

Ideas for decorating boys rooms 1

Color is one of our best weapons. Not because we are male, we must paint the rooms only and exclusively in blue. We can also use colors like red, green, among others; and colorful rooms that are completely unisex and can recreate a magical space in which young men shall continuously.

Ideas for decorating boys rooms 2

If in any case we like the most classic environments in which the blue impere, we can choose to combine it with other shades like white or brown. In addition, we can also use colored wood furniture, creating a much more charming and welcoming atmosphere.

Ideas for decorating boys rooms 3

If your child is a car lover, as well as fill your room with toy cars, other decorative options that can be great. For example, we propose the typical car license plates. They are ideal for any wall, as well as being the perfect complement to these themed rooms.

Ideas for decorating boys rooms 4

And if it comes to theming, one of the classics for boys dormitories are superheroes. We can choose to place pictures of all of them as in this example, which has also placed a bed as fun, with ladder and slide included.

Ideas for decorating boys rooms 5

Ideas for decorating boys rooms 6

Following the theme cars, the most recurrent in children's rooms, we can choose to fill the textile bedroom with these elements. So, if your child gets older and you get tired of them, so we'll just change curtains and sheets.

Ideas for decorating boys rooms 7

Cars and superheroes are not the only classic in children's rooms. Sports can also be a very interesting topic. We can choose to place cushions in the form of balls, boxes with sports equipment and even a mat with a soccer ball.

Ideas for decorating boys rooms 8

Finally, for those who love nature, we propose this option that we have loved. It is a children's room in which the blue impregnate all the elements. The grounds, the animals a fun and happy river. Our children will dream and enjoy with dragonflies, frogs and fish.

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