Garden Designs With Flowers - Satisfying Your Eyes!

This article is dedicated to lovers of gardening and landscaping. The goal is to share some ideas about garden design with flowers. If you're thinking of decorating the garden, you're probably thinking of plants. In such case, it would be good to think of plants with flowers, as these will give a special touch to our outer space.

Design of Gardens With Flowers

Actually this time we will not talk about types of flowers in particular. We will focus on ideas to decorate with flowers, of any kind. Rather what we try is to offer some interesting proposals to present the flowers in the garden. Keep reading and you will find out.

Design of gardens with flowers in wheelbarrows

Let's know what the trucks have, but the truth is that it is a resource that likes a lot. Better if it is wooden carts because this material is a great ally for the design of gardens. In any case, we have seen, in many cases, iron trucks, those that are used for works, full of flowers and the truth is that the result is very interesting.

Design of Gardens With Flowers 2

Design of Gardens With Flowers 3

Vertical gardens with flowers

One resource we see a lot in garden design is the vertical gardens. Again, the material that most visually adapts is wood. It must be said that it is very nice, but it should not be any wood. Ideally, they should be made of hardwood, otherwise, they would not withstand moisture. In any case, vertical wooden gardens could be used to decorate semi-covered spaces, such as galleries or pergolas. If you are interested in the idea of ​​making them yourself, here you will find some ideas of vertical gardens made with wooden pallets.

Design of Gardens With Flowers 4

Design of Gardens With Flowers 5

Gardens with flowers in barrels

We love the wooden barrels. Well, it's the third proposal and we do not get out of the wood. If you are looking for ideas for the design of gardens with flowers we recommend that you do your best to get a barrel or barrel of wood. Yes, it is true, it is not easy to get them. In the following images, you can see some proposals. What do you think? If you are interested, here you can find more ideas to decorate with wooden barrels.

Design of Gardens With Flowers 6

Design of Gardens With Flowers 7

Hand ladders with flowers for gardens

The decoration with ladders is more than interesting, we have talked several times about the subject, although not about particular exterior decoration. It should be clear that it could be an old staircase in disuse, or you can build one with sticks or branches. If you love crafts, this is your chance.

Design of Gardens With Flowers 8

Planters with wooden boxes

We love the decor with wooden boxes. This time we will use them as ammeters. These will bring that rustic air you are looking for. You could place the flowers inside these boxes directly, although this is not recommended, perhaps the best is to use them to place the flowers in pots.

Design of Gardens With Flowers 9

Flowers in pots of cement

Another rustic material par excellence is the cement. We love the result of combining the gray of the cement with the color of the flowers. A super interesting resource when thinking about designing flower gardens. And speaking of pots maybe you want to see the ideas to make your own homemade pots that we shared a few days ago.

Design of Gardens With Flowers 10

And if you do not want them to look gray, you can paint them and give a touch of color and freshness to the garden.

Design of Gardens With Flowers 11

What do you think of these proposals? If you are fortunate enough to have a patio or garden and you are looking for ideas, we hope you will come well.