Furniture with recycled objects

You know that from LastHomeDecor we always bet on recycling; And is that we love furniture with recycled objects, because in addition to cost little money, they manage to give personality to our rooms.

Furniture with recycled objects 1

For example, if we need a shelf, it may be a good idea to choose to stack a series of boxes, such as the typical ones used to transport the fruit, as we saw earlier in a previous post where we gave ideas for decorating with wooden boxes. Well sanded can be great for stacking our personal items in a dining room or study. If we are looking for a coffee table and we are fortunate to have a barrel near (we have already seen ideas for decorating with barrels), we can cut it and use one of the parts as a table stand while we place a board or a glass. The result is really charming.

Furniture with recycled objects 2

Furniture with recycled objects 3

The old sewing machines are also very interesting to decorate. If your grandmother or your mother were fond of sewing and have one of these machines, you can take advantage of it to make a nice desk. We just have to paint the legs and place a good table or crystal that serves as a firm surface.

Furniture with recycled objects 4

Cribs can also be retrofitted to become new furniture. Thus, placing a glass top surface can be turned into a sideboard table of the most interesting. In addition, we can also take advantage of it to make a children's craft table. The children will be delighted.

Furniture with recycled objects 5

Hand ladders are truly versatile. We can use them as auxiliary tables in our bedroom, using their steps to place our alarm clock, creams and even books. Some sandpaper and treatment and it will look like new.

Furniture with recycled objects 6

Furniture with recycled objects 7

In addition, we can also use it as an auxiliary table in any other stay of our house. Placing in it varied articles of decoration. As always, it is best to work on the finish, depending on the decorative style that prevails in our house.

Furniture with recycled objects 8

Furniture with recycled objects 9

The suitcases are another of those elements that give much game. We can stack them to get an auxiliary table for our bedroom or put some legs and create a nice table to place in our hall.

Furniture with recycled objects 10

Finally we go outside the house, where the well-used tires can end up becoming a beautiful coffee table between our outdoor furniture.

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