Decorating under Feng Shui

Sometimes we talked about decorating and Feng Shui in different rooms of the house, we have even dared to give some advice on colors and Feng Shui. Today we will focus on decoration in general. That is, when we enter from zero to a house, what should we do to decorate it completely following the rules of Feng Shui?

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For starters, entering and on one of the most important things is to avoid clutter. Thus we refer to the large accumulation of objects everywhere. Environments with all kinds of elements will make the passage of energies much more complex. It is best to try to empty, for this, we must get rid of everything unnecessary. Thanks to this gap will recover a lot of vital energy that have been missing when feeding objects that were not entirely necessary for our day.

Decorating under Feng Shui 2

After getting rid of everything dispensable, it's time to look at the colors. It is forbidden to use dark colors, but it is advisable to do so; and that these colors will make the energy to stay in single corner. Otherwise, if we choose light colors, light and clarity Camparan at ease throughout our home, plus get lit rooms and therefore greater energy savings.

Decorating under Feng Shui 3

Many believe that in Feng Shui everything has to be round. This is not entirely true. You just have to avoid what is harmful to people. Thus, you can have square tables if your songs are normal, and is that according to Feng Shui, square shapes provide stability and concretion. Of course, the curved shapes provide more softness and fluidity to the movement, though obviously not always be the best option.

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Decorating under Feng Shui 5

After that we focus on the symbols, decorative elements. We have already got rid of too many, now we should not exaggerate and be left with nothing. However, if you want to hang a picture, a picture or a picture, just ask yourself what you want to get with it. If you're looking for happiness, it would be good choice hang pictures of lonely people. So it is best to ask ourselves what our desires are and try to express them through these little decorative touches.

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