Different Types of Bathtubs

Although the showers gain more and more ground to the bathtubs, these continue us enchanted. They are functional elements capable of offering you an absolute relax, especially in the days of greater stress. But in addition to the functional, we are facing aesthetic elements that can give decorative value to your bathroom. That's what we'll talk about in this article, we'll show you the different types of bathtubs, and then tell us which one you like the most.

Different Types of Bathtubs

It is like everything, there are different types of baths depending on the material, its performance or design. We find from angled bathtubs to relaxing whirlpools. Below you will see pictures of bathtubs, one more beautiful than the other.

Corner baths

Angled bathtubs are a real beauty. Visually they convince because they create a relaxing space in which to be able to rest after a long day of work. Who would not be submerged in these nice angled bathtubs? In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that they make better use of the space because when placed in the corners, it allows having more free wall to place cabinets or simply to give more sensation of amplitude. This is why they are ideal for small bathrooms, although they are also used in large bathrooms, for their aesthetic value.

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Different Types of Bathtubs 3

Oval Bathtubs

Far from the rectangular bathtubs, which are the most commonly seen, they are an interesting option in the larger bathrooms. They belong to the type of exempt bathtubs and can be placed away from the walls, for example, in the middle of a large bathroom. However, if your space is reduced, you can also place it a little closer to the wall, the visual impact will not be the same, but neither will look bad. The truth is that these types of curved bathtubs are ideal for modern bathrooms.

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Exempt baths with legs

Exempt baths with legs are reminiscent of the first models of bathtubs. As in the previous case, these bathtubs are made to look. Place them in the center of the bathroom or in the lightest area of ​​the bathroom. The legs, besides holding the structure, fulfill a decorative function, because they are visible. This type of bathtubs will give your bathroom a classic and retro look that will turn it into a most stately place.

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Whirlpool tubs

They are achieved in all of these ways mentioned above. Yes, whirlpool tubs can be rectangular, oval or angular. The grace of these is not precisely in the design, rather it is in your hydro massage system, which will achieve that you can relax with your jets of air in a bubbling bath. Keep in mind that these bathtubs require special maintenance, especially if your water has high concentrations of lime in your city. It should be noted that, generally, they are more expensive, as they enter the segment of luxury bathtubs.

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As with showers, we can also find bathtubs. The advantage is that these types of bathtubs can adapt to space without restrictions. Whenever we do something "work", or tailor-made, we have an assured advantage, personalization. There are different materials to build them, but we have micro cement baths.

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Other types of bathtubs: ground level

Of course to install one you have to think about getting into works. They are achieved by raising the floor with some platform or deck and incorporating the bathtub. You can access them by stairs, something that gives you, without a doubt, a special charm. We love these types of bathtubs, although as in other cases, they are only suitable for houses with more space.

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And what kind of baths do you have? If you could choose, what do you think would be the perfect bathtub for you? We hope you liked the article and, as we always say, we would love to share it on your social networks.