Decoration with wooden boxes

We love the low cost decoration, and we could say that the 3 objects most used in everything that is decorated with recycled objects, are wooden pallets, cable reels, and wooden boxes. This time we will talk once more about the decoration with wooden boxes, a resource that never seems to run out. It must be said that originally they were the typical boxes of reused fruit, but in time it happened as with pallets or wooden pallets, and many saw the opportunity to make and sell them. Nowadays, it is not necessary to travel around the city in search of wooden drawers thrown in the streets. Now we have the possibility of buying wooden boxes in countless shops, and the truth is that they are usually cheap.

Decoration with wooden boxes 1

Wooden boxes decorated with vintage style

If there is a decorative style to which the wooden boxes feel very good, besides the rustic style, it is the vintage style. Surfing the net we find countless images of decorative boxes, and I really would not know what to stay, because we love them all. There are those who have the ability to draw and plaster true works of art in wooden boxes, others use the technique of decoupage, and the truth is that the result is always very interesting. For those who do not have ability to do so should not worry, luckily there are many artisans who are dedicated to decorate wooden boxes and sold in stores or craft fairs.

Decoration with wooden boxes 2

Decoration with wooden boxes 3

Decoration with wooden boxes 4

Storage furniture with wooden boxes

Decoration with wooden boxes 5

If the boxes were invented for something, it is precisely to store things. Well, here are some furniture made wooden boxes for storing. For example an interesting piece of furniture for the hall or even the room where you place some books, ornaments, vases, decorative glass bottles, etc.

Decoration with wooden boxes 6

They are also very useful in bathrooms. Look how interesting this storage cabinet for the bathroom, made with reused wooden boxes.

Decoration with wooden boxes 7

And to confirm that this decoration with wooden boxes has no limits, here is an example of storage children's furniture. Yes, it is true, in this case are not rustic wooden boxes, these are more delicate boxes. As we said before, today we can buy wooden boxes in many stores. Craft supply stores are a good place to get them.

Decoration with wooden boxes: bedside tables

Decoration with wooden boxes 8

Decoration with wooden boxes 9

Another of the most widespread uses are the bedside tables or nightstand with wooden boxes. As you can see in the following pictures, they are very interesting for this purpose. Whether it's a recycled fruit box or a purchased wooden box, the result is very interesting.

Beds for pets with wooden boxes

Decoration with wooden boxes 10

Decoration with wooden boxes 11

To make one of these pet beds do not need to be an expert. In this case you do not need to buy a box, we could do with an old wooden box, perhaps sanded a little, so happy owner is not hurt, a pillow or something soft to be comfortable, and final details could add the name of the pet. Look how pretty she looks.  Those are some tips and ideas for decoration with old wooden box. This old wooden box has many advantages to use as home and other decorations. In addition to adding the impression of a creative decoration, this old wooden box is also very cheap and can be used as the main item for those of you who want decoration with a small cost.