Decoration of balconies for all tastes

Just as not all balconies are not the same, not all balconies are designed for the same activity. There are those who prefer to use it only as a window to the outside, while others strive to furnish it to make it a little more functional. And that's what today's article is about. We will share some ideas of decoration of balconies.

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Next we will give you some ideas to decorate balconies, and you will see which one fits more to what you are looking for. We show you a series of balconies that exemplify this. A balcony for every occasion, no matter if you are more reading, sun or just relaxing watching the stars.

Balconies for napping

The balconies can become the ideal corner to rest, for example to sleep the siesta. A refreshing siesta that you can do in a hammock as can be seen in the following image. You just need two walls with two hooks to hold it from side to side, a cushion and nice decoration for the environment. In the market there is a wide range of outdoor hammocks. We love the outdoor decor because there is everything and for all tastes and pockets.

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Balconies to eat

Why not? If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, in it you can have breakfast and eat perfectly there. It does not matter if we are talking about small balconies. And is that, believe it or not, there are solutions in the market for small spaces. If you do not have enough square meters, you can get one of these tables that are attached to the railing, and if there is no space for chairs, some stools will go very well. The truth is that you will never regret having set up an outdoor dining room.

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Reading corners on balconies

The truth is that although an armchair or a sofa would be ideal for this purpose, to enjoy a reading corner you simply need a comfortable chair and a pleasant environment. The following image shows how to take advantage of balconies to create an outdoor reading space. Do you want more ideas about balconies decoration? Keep reading.

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Decoration of balconies: a snack corner

Visits at home? Do you fancy a coffee surrounded by plants and outdoors? Your balcony can become a small room that fulfills this function. A low table and chairs, a carpet of natural fibers and plants everywhere. What space could overcome this?

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Balconies for sunbathing

Do you like sunbathing? Do not hesitate, get a chair or deck and put it on your balcony. If there is enough space, you can place a table with chairs so that you can have a snack after your day of sun daily. The plants, as always, will make this environment a more pleasant and fresh place.

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Closed balconies to guard against the cold

In winter you can also take advantage of your balcony. The enclosures for balconies will help you. You could close your balcony with a window, either fixed or sliding windows to be able to open at a certain time and let the breeze. Aluminum carpentry is a good alternative for balconies. Aluminum openings are easy to work with and cheaper than other materials. Undoubtedly an option that allows you to have an outdoor space both in winter and summer, because having a closed space, you can air-conditioning it with air conditioning on hot days.

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Grow plants on balconies

Gardening loves you. The balcony is a key place to create your own little greenhouse. Although models have a lot of them, this one in particular we love, a very vintage style for your little balcony, which also will not take up too much space. Create a selection of plants and brighten up your morning with relaxing gardening.

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Decoration of balconies with garlands of lights

We can not finish this article without talking about the advantages of balconies lighting. Use strips of led lights, solar lanterns or candles. Get a unique space where you can relax after a day's work, go out to your balcony and watch the stars.

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What did you think of the proposals? If you are looking for more we recommend you to visit our section of "Balconies and terraces" where you will find everything and for all tastes.

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