Decorating Ideas Visually Expanding The Room

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a room as large as we would like. On the contrary, the houses, today, generally have small rooms. The covered meters of our house are what they are, and sometimes we go completely crazy looking for ways to make it look bigger than it is. However, outside dramas. Fortunately there are a lot of things we can do to visually expand the room, and we'll talk about this in this article.

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Yes, there are many solutions within our reach. From the right color palette to a correct choice in the furniture. Pay attention and note everything you can do in a small room, then give you some solutions to make better use of the space in the room.

White environments

If you intend to visually expand the room, the walls can help you achieve that effect. In this, the Nordic decoration knows a lot. The white environments, typical of this style, make the light reflect better throughout the room, thus gaining a visual amplitude more than evident. If you have to decant by a color for your walls, that is the target. In addition, we can not deny that the white makes much more notice the colored textile, the decoration of the walls based on sheets or even the floors or wooden furniture.

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Gain depth with a different wall

If you want to gain depth in your living room, another interesting idea is to paint a different wall. Here you can risk a little more with the color, even with the black. If you do not want to paint the wall you can opt for wallpapers with tropical designs, for example, or look for a stone cladding that gives it a different touch. Highlight a wall among other white, is always a success.

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In decoration of small spaces less is more

If your living room is small, we definitely recommend saving on furniture. Choose the right and necessary for your daily life in this space. Auxiliary tables to put lamps, a sofa and some shelves can be more than enough to make your living room look good. If you overload the environment, you will make it look small and impractical. Also, try to make these living room furniture straight, without too much ornamentation. Straight lines always simplify spaces by subtracting drama and making them wider.

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Glass showcases for visually enlarging the room

If you want to place a shelf type furniture for your books and decorative objects, try to have no doors. Try open shelves, or many better showcases. Save your wine glasses, your books or your camera collection, protecting them from dust with glass doors and without dwarfing the stay with blind doors.

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Place mirrors

The power of mirrors in small spaces is well known. Mirrors are able to double the space. A visual deception that works very well. Now, try to place them in front of the windows or balconies, in this way, what will be reflected in its surface will be exterior, thus increasing the feeling of amplitude.

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Unify spaces to visually expand the room

A small lounge next to a small kitchen can result in a spacious and functional joint area, as we have seen in "Double Function Rooms". Yes, if your layout allows you (because there are times when the kitchen and living room are completely separated), it can be a great solution to remove that partition to get a kitchen integrated with the living room. A small bar to eat and thus create a minimal visual separation will be the perfect brooch for this union.

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What did you think of these proposals to visually expand the room? Something you should also consider is how to properly light the room. It is well-known that proper lighting can work wonders in any small space.

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