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We love the children's decor. In spaces for children is where, generally, we drop more when decorating, and we allow ourselves to use more colors, for example. In the decoration shops we find children's furniture for all tastes, but this time we will focus on beds for children, all super original.

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The bed is the main piece of furniture in any room, and in children's bedrooms there is no exception. In this article we will share images of beds for children that you will surely love, some more beautiful than others.

Beds for children in the shape of a house

If there is something that every child likes are play houses, or the typical houses in trees. For in this case we can see a couple of examples of children's beds that would surely make any child did not oppose going to bed to sleep. In addition it should be said that children's furniture is a trend house.

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Yes, it is true, this bed type house in height is not very functional to say, it should not be easy task to order that bed every day, but we can not deny that if we were children at this time, surely we would love a bed like this .

Canopy beds for girls

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This proposal will surely please the girls particularly. Canopy beds have their charm. And if you want to decorate the bedroom of a girl with the themed princesses, this option is ideal to achieve that goal.

Original cots

In this case we will talk about cribs, because this furniture is precisely the bed where the baby will sleep the first few months. In the first image we have a beautiful cradle in the shape of a crescent, ideal for lovers of furniture with pallets.

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Continuing with the same theme of "moon and stars", we found this other cradle that we loved. In this case the wood is much more treated than in the previous one, but it still shows the streaks of the wood.

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And this last cradle with wheels we love. Also in natural wood color, and as you can see is designed to remove a side when the baby grows, so you can use it for several years.

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Children's beds with study space

When you have children of school age, it is necessary to have a study space. At least have a desk. We love these high beds with a desk and storage furniture downstairs. They are very functional, ideal for small bedrooms.

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Original beds

When it comes to shared children's bedrooms, bunk beds, or bunk beds, are the best investment. If you are looking for a different children's bed, maybe some of these themed litters will inspire you. What do you think?

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Beds to save space

And if you want to save space, the trundle beds are ideal. When children reach the age of pillaging, these types of beds are ideal, because in seconds you will have one or two extra beds. Maybe these children's beds are not the best option for shared dorms, but if they are for when children invite their little friends to sleep.

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As we said before, this is the main furniture for children's rooms, whether it's beds for girls or for children, surely they would love to have a different bed. We hope these proposals will inspire you if you are looking to decorate the children's bedroom.

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