Best Bedrooms in Green Color Scheme

Green is a color that will bring peace to the rooms of our home. It is ideal for stays such as the kitchen or the dining room, but it is also a very advisable tonality for the bedrooms. The green color can be great in children's bedrooms. It gives joy and light to the rooms, combined correctly with other shades such as white.

Best Bedrooms in Green Color Scheme 1

Thus, we can spend some of the mythical roses and blue to differentiate between girls and boys. A note of different color that will like the little ones, being able to also add more color with complements. The master bedrooms will also look great with the integration of the green color. In addition, combining it correctly with shades like white, we will get an elegant stay with a clean and relaxed atmosphere.

Best Bedrooms in Green Color Scheme 2

Best Bedrooms in Green Color Scheme 3

Being a color of nature, we can mix it without fear of wood and terracotta tones. This combination will result in a bedroom full of living nature, in which browns and greens will live without problems.

Best Bedrooms in Green Color Scheme 4

Mixed with black, green can be the most sophisticated. We can use it in minimalist rooms or in rooms with a certain oriental style.

Best Bedrooms in Green Color Scheme 5

We do not think it bad option to combine the green with different shades of the same color. In these cases, keep in mind that it will always be necessary to include another discordant note, to be able to be white, as this will alleviate the visual effect a little.

Best Bedrooms in Green Color Scheme 6

Finally, we show you an option that simply has fallen in love. It is about taking different shades of green to decorate a single wall. This wall will have the decorative weight of the room, thus being able to dispense with the striking colors in the rest of it.