Benefits of living fences

Today we are going to talk about living fences or also called green hedges and their benefits. These basically fulfill two functions, the decorative or aesthetic and the delimit spaces, being able to perfectly fulfill the function of perimeter fence or protective enclosure. As for the decorative function it is ideal, because we can create a living fence with lots of plants, depending on our tastes and needs. We can do this with the typical ligustrinas, Crataegus, bamboo or tacuara, as well as it could be with the holy rita (Bugambilla), hydrangeas or impatiens. And if we like aromatic plants we can also do it with lavender, chamomile or rosemary, among others.

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Regarding the role of perimeter fence we can say that they are much cheaper than a dividing or grating also integrate seamlessly into the landscape, dampen noise, regulate the climate. Summing up a little: they are natural! It is noteworthy that we can perfectly complement a rural fence, those with poles and wire, with a living enclosure.

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The type of plants to create a living fence will depend largely on the corner of the planet where we are. The ideal will be to consult with some nursery or people understood in the matter in the area, because there are plants that occur in certain places and in others not. If we want to delimit sectors of our own garden, just some kind of shrub that is not very high, we can do it with ligustrin or some flowers. In addition we can make them mixed, alternating between one species and another. On the other hand, if we want to fulfill the function of perimeter fence between our land and the neighbor, to achieve intimacy, the ideal will be to plant bamboo canes, tacuara or any of these that grow fast and tall.

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Another thing to consider is that this type of living fences or hedgerows carries a logical maintenance. As we said before, you should ideally consult with nursery care about the species that we have planted. But mainly the maintenance task that we must carry out is pruning. It is recommended to do it about four times per season. Besides, it is not good to do a drastic pruning; ie if the bush is overgrown pruning is not recommended because this could weaken much.

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