Bathrooms With Lots of Color

Surely many you remember when the fashion in bathroom decoration was governed by neutral and monochromatic tones. The neatness in this room of the house was sought based on white and muted colors. Fortunately that has changed. Color can flood our bathroom without feeling uncomfortable; And is that considering that it is a stay that we use every day, several times, maybe it is better to get a cheerful and fun, something that gives us the color.

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When choosing colors for the bathroom we can have many options. We can choose the combination of the typical tile or white pavement, because it is not at odds with the color, at the same time we mix it with an unconventional color for a bathroom, such as pink. Including geometric figures, modern sanitary and a colorful textile, will also encourage our bathroom. Not being afraid to mix colors is excellent. We can not even imagine the amount of possibilities this offers us. We can opt for a rather neutral furniture and timidly mix colors in the tiles and the textile as in this photo.

Bathrooms With Lots of Color 2

Bathrooms With Lots of Color 3

Also, we can also mix colors that in life we ​​would have imagined they could look so good together, why not put tiles in blue tones mixed with an orange breaker?

Bathrooms With Lots of Color 4

We love the colors that break. For example, in this bathroom has chosen to create a white top, with tiles and furniture, and a fairly clear cut at the bottom with yellow. Note that the toilets are also white, something that breaks a lot with the yellow tapestry that has been chosen for that low wall.

Bathrooms With Lots of Color 5

In the use of colors, light is paramount. We can not risk painting a bathroom of a striking color if we do not have a great source of natural light; And is that otherwise we could end up with a bathroom with a sense of narrowness.

Bathrooms With Lots of Color 6

Plants can be an excellent partner in decorating with color; And is that these elements also bring vitality, which is the first thing to try to look for with this type of decoration.

Bathrooms With Lots of Color 7

Finally, let's not forget that using colors does not mean not having materials such as wood, which, while true may be more serious, can also add a touch of warmth to them.

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