7 childrens rooms with lots of color

Color in children's rooms is a must; Because it is good to stir the imagination of children and to bring joy to their bedrooms. For this reason we will share 7 children's rooms full of color that will probably inspire you. In the first, in addition to toys thousand colors, we can see how we have used the color variety of furniture. This is not to follow a thread that matches between shelves and tables. No matter if you combine, the truth is that what is sought in these solutions is discordance and variety, getting a much more playful atmosphere.

7 childrens rooms with lots of color 1

In this second option is more or less the same. It is true that the most important furniture looks for a light tone (except for the closet door), wood or yellow tones. But if you look, the rest of the room is a colorful tapestry, from the typical carpet of the road to the flags of the roof.

7 childrens rooms with lots of color 2

If you want to create a playroom you can indicate it with letters on the walls. We love this option, in which the wall has been painted pink and then have built great letters that also serve to use shelves. Notice that although the wall is monochromatic, the other colors has nothing to do with it; And that is how we create more dynamism, which is what expected in a playroom.

7 childrens rooms with lots of color 3

If, on the other hand, we want our children's room to present a greater combination of furniture, we can opt for white walls and white furniture. In this case, the color we bring through the textile, or as we see in the last picture, on the walls through moles.

7 childrens rooms with lots of color 4

Colorful heads and large pictures of a thousand colors on the wall. An option that we like, but what has caught our attention is the use of color in the carpet, providing small multicolored circles that give life to the room.

7 childrens rooms with lots of color 5

Why try a color when we want them all? In the rooms in which we want to contribute elements designed with rainbow colors, it is better to opt for a white furniture. The result is really impressive.

7 childrens rooms with lots of color 6

7 childrens rooms with lots of color 7

Finally we are left with this room that besides decorating with colorful textiles has chosen to paint the door a highlight tone. Just lovely!