10 patios with gallery

In LastHomeDecor we love open spaces, so we have offered in several articles ideas for decorating small patios, ideas for small gardens and even a post dedicated purely and exclusively to patios with pergolas.

10 patios with gallery 1

This time we want to share 10 ideas of patios with gallery, that space so spaced that usually makes connection between the interior of the house and the patio; Space that could well become the main meeting point of the family in spring and summer. The galleries or porches are ideal to set up a summer dining room, for example, either for lunch and dinner occasionally or even for daily use, as there are more and more families who prefer to live outdoors, as long as temperatures as well Allow it.

10 patios with gallery 2

As you can see in the pictures, galleries in patios can be present regardless of the dimensions of our terrain, we can have one in a large yard as in a very small. What's more, we can even have our gallery on a small balcony, as we can see in the following image.

10 patios with gallery 3

Even for areas where it is very cold, there are glazed galleries, as we can see in the following example, where they have a glazed space just before leaving the patio with deck. We love the idea!

10 patios with gallery 4

We love these semi covered spaces, especially when they are spacious enough to put on comfortable sofas.

10 patios with gallery 5

10 patios with gallery 6

No matter the decorative style that we like, these spaces adapt very well to the modern style as the rustic style.

10 patios with gallery 7

10 patios with gallery 8

Another thing we must say is that it should not necessarily be a covered space, there are cases where the gallery is made up of a pergola, which lets light and obviously also water, but we can not deny the charm of pergolas .

10 patios with gallery 9

10 patios with gallery 10

We hope you have enjoyed the ideas that we share today and some will inspire you. If you liked the post we would love to share it on your social networks. Besides Facebook, you can also follow us on Pinterest and also on Twitter.

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