10 bedrooms for children

In LastHomeDecor we love children's decoration, and we see that our readers also, we checked recently with our article "10 lovely baby bedrooms" published a few days ago, so today we will share 10 fun children's bedrooms. It is that if children's spaces are concerned, ideally they are just fun.

10 bedrooms for children 1

If there is something that children love, as we have said on several occasions, it is the fact of "hiding", and what better than a play house? Well, this bedroom not only has a beautiful house but the girl's bed is inside it. It's almost like integrating the bedroom with the playroom. We love this idea, and we also find these bunk beds where the first bed has cloth "walls" that pretend to be the walls of a house with all the windows. These can be rolled up and unrolled as required.

10 bedrooms for children 2

10 bedrooms for children 3

Another option that we love are the beds with slide. Of course in this case are indicated for children with age for it. But if there is something that children love when they get to a square are the slides, and the amazing thing is that they never get tired of getting on and off.

10 bedrooms for children 4

10 bedrooms for children 5

We loved this bed on top level with house shape where on the lower level have placed a sofa and lovely colored curtains.

10 bedrooms for children 6

And what about the next bedroom in blue tones, also with a bed with space below to play. We loved the colorful and detail of the walls, which could be achieved with photomurals or decorative vinyl.

10 bedrooms for children 7

A bed like this, with a large wardrobe and chest of drawers under the bed will be ideal for keeping order in the bedroom. And also, as we said before, the child will have intimacy with the detail of the curtains.

10 bedrooms for children 8

We loved this bedroom that might as well be for a girl. Canopy beds love girls. Again we have drawers under the bed and a small staircase to get up and down.

10 bedrooms for children 9

Finally we have a bedroom with slate walls, a resource that we have talked about several times, which does not require much money or time, will only suffice to paint a wall or a portion of it with slate paint.

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