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Although sometimes we call parquet to any floor of wood or imitation wood because as inexperienced they may seem almost equal, for more familiar eyes and with more knowledge of the subject to use only that expression to refer to everything is almost a sacrilege. To make the choice of the floors of our home easier, we will clarify which are the basic types of wood floors, the warmest and most decorative of all that exist in the market. The prices of the wooden floors, vary, mainly, according to their systems of placement, the different qualities and the type of maintenance that they will need. There are three main groups: the stage, the floating parquet and glued parquet. The prices vary a lot from one to the other, we tell you why.
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Parquet or floating floor is the one we usually find in most of the new homes, is made with strips, generally, of pine with a topsheet of a more noble wood. It is called "floating" because it is installed on a layer of insulation fiber, which means that it is not necessary to remove the previous floor, if there is one. Every 10 years, approximately, it needs a polishing and allows to add systems of heating like the radiant parquet.

The glued parquet is made with small boards of solid wood on a previously firm, flat and level ground. You will recognize it because it usually makes shapes or drawings like spikes, checkers or similar. It must be protected from the sun and, above all, from moisture.

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The solid platform on track is never in contact with the ground. They are also solid wood planks but are stuck on thick wooden slats. It is the most traditional, installs more laboriously but is very durable.

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When it comes to imitations of wood, the price will be much lower, the higher resistance (especially moisture) and the use may be more intense, requiring less care. It is widely used in kitchens and bathrooms and the imitations can become colored and be really amazing.

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