Vases With Recycled Glass Jars

One of my favorite places to find decorative arts and crafts is Pinterest. Lately I have seen several options for recycling the glass jars of Mason jars to turn them into cute decorative objects, full of color and personality. These vases made with glass jars, with nice silhouettes, are fantastic for almost any style, as it is very easy to customize them with the colors and drawings that you prefer. Learn to do them by following the instructions.

Vases With Recycled Glass Jars 1

The materials you need are very simple, several glass jars, spray paint of the color you prefer (with acrylic paint also works), white office labels and an exact scissors. Start by printing or drawing on the labels the silhouettes you want the bottles to have. Let your imagination fly and use the motive you prefer. Cut the figure very carefully.

Vases With Recycled Glass Jars 2

Stick the label on the outside of the bottle. Then, place the bottle face down and paint with the spray or a brush. The finish with the spray is much better, more even, Although if you are not going to put water inside, but use it for dried or artificial flowers, you could put the label inside and pour some paint and turn the jar until it completely covers the interior. Then turn it over on absorbent paper to drain excess paint. Whichever technique is chosen, let it dry very well.

Vases With Recycled Glass Jars 3

Once the paint is completely dry, remove the decal delicately. Your new vases are ready, Vases With Recycled Glass Jars. Try painting several of different colors to create a nice composition. So what do you think about the DIY Decoration idea?