May 26, 2017

The vases provide a touch of luminosity and naturalness to the environment. Because of its great variety of styles are indispensable elements in the decoration of your home.

Vases for all tastes 1

Narrow-mouth vases require little flowers of long stems inside. If you place them in illuminated niches, you will get an elegant and very sophisticated effect. There are different shapes, colors, materials and styles. A vase for its attractive design is able to reveal your style and personality.

Vases for all tastes 2

Vases for all tastes 3

A very interesting model are the vases of square shape that always look splendid with very tight roses. There are also more modern models that simulate grass and that give a touch more than natural.
In conclusion, there is an endless number of models that makes a vase for each person, one suitable to the taste of each.

Vases for all tastes 4

Vases for all tastes 5

Vases for all tastes 6

Vases for all tastes 7

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