Turquoise Bedrooms

On several occasions we have spoken in LastHomeDecor about the turquoise in the decoration of the home and we know very well that this color has many fans, to whom we dedicate this post where we will share ideas of dormitories in turquoise and its possible combinations with other shades.

Turquoise Bedrooms 1

To start with, we must say that colors have a lot of influence on the moods of people, and in the bedroom it is where we spend much of the day, where it is also good to get calm, tranquility, peace, and that is precisely what the Cool colors, just the group of tones where the turquoise color is located. This color can be used in both adult bedrooms and children's bedrooms. One of the most used and easy to get combinations is turquoise and white. In addition we can combine them in different ways, we can leave the walls blank and use the textiles to color our room, as we can see in the next room, where everything is also enhanced by the natural light that comes from that huge window .

Turquoise Bedrooms 2

Another option is to paint a single turquoise wall and the others in white. With the rest of the furniture also in white and some turquoise details on the bed linen or maybe on a carpet.

Turquoise Bedrooms 3

We love the next room that might well be for a young girl, where they have painted a wall in strong turquoise and on this are beautiful trees and birds. This could be achieved by drawing and painting, if we were able to do it, as well as using photomurals, a very interesting resource that we talked about a few days ago in our post "Bedroom decoration with photomurals."

Turquoise Bedrooms 4

Also the turquoise color fits very well to any decorative style. In the following image you can see the result in a room with country style, typical of a country house, where a wall has been painted in this tone and on this a white patterns.

Turquoise Bedrooms 5

It can also be combined with pink, as we see in this children's bedroom with pennants, where pink and white details contrast with turquoise walls.

Turquoise Bedrooms 6

Another combination that we love and we can not miss is the turquoise with gray. There are many ideas that we find on the web and the truth that, unlike what many may believe, gray goes very well with this color.

Turquoise Bedrooms 7

Finally we liked the idea of ​​combining it with other shades of darker blues, being able to have in the same environment several shades of blues.

Turquoise Bedrooms 8

We hope that our post has liked and inspires those who wish to decorate with turquoise.