Tips For a Shared Bedroom

This time we do not refer to shared children's dormitories. No, this time we want to talk about the adult dorms, or master bedrooms, and the elements that are necessary to make them shared and comfortable for everyone. Look at aspects like the bed, the space to store the clothes or even in the bathroom, if it is incorporated in the room, as is the case of the bathrooms en suite. Then we give you the keys to know the secrets of a bedroom for 2.

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An accessible bed

Tips For a Shared Bedroom 2

The most important thing is the bed. No wonder. One bedroom is for sleeping. In this case, you have to worry that the bed is big enough for two people, but also that it is accessible. Do not place the bed attached to the wall by one of the sides, as it will be virtually impossible for both to be placed between the sheets in a comfortable way. The ideal is to place it in the middle of the room. If you do not have too much space, do not have bedside tables or look for alternatives such as the heads with built-in tables.

Independent lights

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Although the ideal is to have two bedside tables, like we, if you do not have enough space you can integrate them in your headboard or opt for lighter solutions, such as shelves. But the light is important. You must place independent lights on each end of the bed. So, if you want to read, you won't have to disturb your partner. If you do not have a bedside table or is too small to place a lamp, bet on the recessed lights. Flexos on the wall, which are trend and are also of the most functional.

Details by 2

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Tips For a Shared Bedroom 6

From a purely decorative point of view, in a double room it is advisable to use the "details by 2" rule. If you want to place a rug for your feet, better place it on both sides than on the front of the bed. Symmetry is always much more colorful. For example, better two pillows than an entire one, which also gives you more comfort and independence at bedtime. Likewise, as for the bed cushions it is concerned, it also looks for that symmetry by placing double groups of different sizes.

Save your clothes in pairs

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Try to make the clothing storage area different. If you do not have an integrated dressing room, put two comfortable, even if they are of a smaller size. It is much more practical to have a comfortable one for everyone than a couple of drawers. If you are lucky enough to have room for a walk-in closet in your bedroom, zone this space by distributing each part for each member of the room.

Bathroom for 2

Tips For a Shared Bedroom 9

If your bedroom also has an integrated bathroom, congratulations, you are not missing anything. Now, it may be difficult to wake up and wash at the same time. Bet on benches with two breasts and independent mirrors. Also, it would be a good solution to separate the area of the toilet and bidet (as far as possible) from the shower area, to be able to more freedom when using it at the same time.

Tips For a Shared Bedroom 10

What did the proposals appear? We hope you will be useful when conditioning or decorating the master bedroom.

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