Tips For Getting a Vintage Bathroom

Vintage style is fashionable. It is a kind of delicate decoration, pleasant and with a lot of charm. We have talked about vintage kitchens on many occasions, even dorms. And the bathroom? Vintage bathrooms are a real sweetness. Far from what we can imagine it is not so difficult to design them. Do you want to know your keys?

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We will talk about various aspects, such as coatings, faucets and bath accessories. We will give you the keys so you can create your own vintage bathroom at home. Take note and enjoy.

The linings of a vintage bathroom

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Perhaps the most important part of a vintage bathroom is the linings. They are capable of giving you that old and delicate touch. You have many options. On the one hand, it is necessary to emphasize that the baths with white coating are the most demanded. Now, it is not necessary to use the square or rectangular tiles, you can dare with other models more striking like the hexagonal or the tiles type meter that have been so much taken during the last years. In addition, you can also bet on hydraulic tiles. That type of mosaic gives a touch of color to the bathrooms and toilet, either on the floor or on the walls.

Mixing tiles and paint

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Vintage bathrooms do not use only tiles. There are environments in which the wall is divided. Check the bottom of tiles or even wood, and reserve the top for painting. A contrast that will give dynamism to the bathroom.

Exempt bath and alternatives for the bathing area

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We can not deny that exempt bathtubs are one of the most interesting elements in a vintage bathroom. Elegant, different and with that stale and old touch you are looking for. However, it is true that not all bathrooms have enough space to place them. What other option can we use? Enclosed bathtubs with rounded shapes or bet on a natural stone shower tray. Use it without fear, because the stone is very durable and has a maintenance of the simplest.

Take care of your furniture

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Bathroom furniture will also be a determining factor in this vintage style. Natural wood gives good results, although it can also be an excellent idea to bet on aged white furniture. Look for models with a certain old aesthetic, with decoration on their doors and with details like round mirrors. As for the washbasin itself, those that are placed on top of the counter are the most successful for this decorative style.

A charming faucet

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Leaving aside the issue that there are more or less retro models (bimando, for example, will always be a better option to get that vintage touch we seek). Classic faucets with brass or copper finishes are the most suitable. The golden tones, moreover, are a clear trend that can fit perfectly in your vintage bathroom.

Decorative touches

It is time to decorate with details. In a bathroom with vintage style you can include many details. The flowers, for example, either in a vase or in small pots. Why not put old signage inside your bathroom?

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As for the textile, it is better to opt for neutral colors that do not draw too much attention; And is that as we can appreciate, the color palette of a vintage bath is generally closer to the neutral than the bright colors.