Tips For Getting Simple And Functional Sitting Room

When opening the door of house, the first thing that we find is the hall. If you do not have one we encourage you to condition yours, because unlike what is believed, this space does not require too much money. Everything will depend on the resources you have available, since you may have stored some furniture and this is the time to finally give it a use. The idea is to get a simple and functional Sitting Room at the same time.

Tips For Getting Simple And Functional Sitting Room 1

If there is something almost essential in a hall are the coat racks. It can be some standing or wall, in fact, the idea is to have some space to hang coats, hats and other clothing, as soon as one enters the house. In previous articles we have talked about the shelves in Sitting Room.

Tips For Getting Simple And Functional Sitting Room 2

In addition to a coat rack would be good to have an umbrella stand, because if we enter where we hang our sack, it would be logical to have where to leave the umbrella. With respect to this point is not very complicated, although in the market there are many decorative umbrella stands, with any container capable of supporting at least two umbrellas, is more than enough. Another object that we recommend when thinking about the functionality of this space is some seat. For this you do not need to go out and buy a bank to a decoration shop, maybe you have a small bank or, why not, some chair. The important thing is to have where to sit for a moment to tie the laces, to put on or take off the shoes or whatever it takes.

Tips For Getting Simple And Functional Sitting Room 3

You can also replace the bench by an auxiliary table, even if it is low, where you can support things, be it the keys, the newspaper, etc. What is interesting about benches and side tables is the space below, which can also be used as a storage space. The baskets, boxes and baskets are an excellent option to place underneath, providing a space where to store things, as well as give us a decorative plus. We have previously seen how interesting the Sitting Room are decorated with wicker baskets.

Tips For Getting Simple And Functional Sitting Room 4

Depending on the space you have to mount your hall, we recommend taking advantage of the spaces to the maximum. An excellent idea for this is to take advantage of the corners. There are banks, shelves and other corner furniture on the market.

Tips For Getting Simple And Functional Sitting Room 5

To finish, and if we are talking about decoration and functionality, we can not ignore the mirrors as it is important to be able to look at us seconds before going out. Another detail you can add is some carpet.

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